My Week Of Zero Waste Groceries

Hello everybody! Now that the seasons are changing I am starting to look forward to tons of new and fresh produce. I try to shop lots locally, however, in Denmark, the selection of locally grown veg can often be quite limited. So, rather than eating the same dishes over and over, I spice things up with some imported ones as well, however always plastic free. Give some, get some, right?

I also often go for rescue veg. In conventional grocery stores, tons and tons of fruit and vegetables are thrown away because the product does not live up to certain aesthetic expectations. As consumers, what we can do is: firstly, buy the ugliest greens you can find, you’re perhaps the only one who will buy them. Secondly, go dumpster diving for food. I know that last options often involves plastic, but anything is better than perfectly good food going to waste.

I seldom buy exotic fruit and veg, simply because of the transportation impact, as well as the underlying socio-economic consequences of for instance avocado production. However, I will often go for the exotic produce if it is on the verge of being thrown away, or if it already has been thrown away.


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