Zero Waste Sun Screen Review

Hello everybody! I have recently tried my very first zero waste sunscreen. Previously I’ve had to make do with normal lotion, staying out of the sun for longer periods of time, and of course layers, lots and lots of layers. It’s so cool to see the zero waste philosophies spreading so widely, and it’s even more amazing to see companies picking up on these movements.

Also watch my video on how conventional sunscreens are killing the ocean and how you can choose one that does not (click to watch)

I recently order the zero waste sunscreen from Mio Bio. It’s from the brand Fair Sqaured and can be purchased through several European stores. Previously, I’ve only been aware of Australian and American brands, like Raw Elements. So it’s great to have an option that is closer to home.

Okay so on to the review itself. A zero waste sunscreen is only as good as its protective abilities, right? Firstly, the feel of the lotion is really great. You can definitely feel that you’re wearing it, however, it is not oily or sticky in any way. That’s really a big plus for me. Next, the sunscreen does not contain any of the hormone disruptive ingredients which are quite common in conventional sunscreen. If you’re more curious about these ingredients, I can recommend this overview.

For my complexion the protective ability is completely fine, it’s SPF 30. However, I do recommend looking into heavier means of sun protection depending on your complexion and location, always take care of yourself frens.


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