A Low Waste Gift Guide That Works For Everyone

Hello everybody! Last year, and the three previous years I have made videos about my zero waste holiday tips. Specifically, I have been focusing on food, decor and gift wrapping – never the gifts themselves. In the past, I have been giving both second hand and homemade gifts to friends and loved ones, but a lot of you have been asking for sustainable gift ideas. I still think giving experience gifts, second-hand gifts and homemade gifts are GREAT ideas, but I have in this post collected some sustainable gift ideas that will work for almost anyone.

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Grünbag laptop sleeve // Vegan duvet // Natural deodorant // Steel lunchbox // Tinned lotion // Reusable waterbottle // Silver Tech socks // Organic bathrobe // Canvas bag // Safety razor

A sustainable gift can be a lot of things and several factors are in play when talking about sustainable products: how it the product produced, what is it made of, how is it packaged, can it be recycled, and so on. I like to find eco-friendly brands that have transparent and green supply chains, that think about their materials and designs and that can be used by everyone. I like to avoid a lot of gendered products, as many gender specifications are often very unnecessary.

Upcycled USB // Bamboo spork // Vegan wax wrap // Reused denim bag // Fairphone // Organic dungarees // Wooden comb // Bee sancturary // Organic sweatshirt


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