Recent Low Waste Victories Vol 2 (cottage edition)

Finding vegan food in smaller towns: I never ever expect it so I always pack lunches if I am going out. Jens and I were staying a week in his family’s cottage in Ebeltoft, and one of their local restaurants called Jerngrillen (I think lol) had a vegan burger. It tasted great and it came on a reusable plate, win-win.

Christmas preparation: I already started preparing for my zero waste Christmas, so there will be a lot of great and (hopefully) helpful tips for you all during December. My parent-in-laws recently made a great vegan Christmas-inspired meal that I will also share the recipe to this Winter! I am always head over heels when people around me experiment with vegan cooking.

In my right element: thrifting! I found some new decor for my flat. I am generally a sucker for old educational poster and in Ebeltoft’s Take Now I found a little poster showing what kinds of stones develop in the body. I got it for 100 DKK, which is a little pricy for me, but I got it anyway

Relaxing: I needed this relaxing trip so much. It was raining the entire time, but we had our fire and a lot of movies. I really needed this break lol. However, I also did do some work (I do not know how not to) and we filmed videos while being away. They are both linked to this post.


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