Hello everybody! To give you a little bit more insight into my everyday life and how zero waste affects it, I have decided to do a kind of listing of victories I have experienced in recent times. Zero waste is everything I do and I want to lower my impact in every way possible, and sometimes it’s difficult to properly tell you in videos. I have also started doing FOLLOW ME AROUND FOR A WEEK videos, which also gives you a bit more insight. Anyway, these are awesome things that have happened recently.

SECOND-HAND ELECTRONICS: I have been wanting a new camera for a really long time. The camera I’ve used for the last three years is really big and heavy and because I started vlogging more it has been nothing less of a darn hassle dragging a 1,5-kilo heavy camera around. But electronics is not something I purchase lightly, out of sheer convenience, or because a newer model comes along. So I have been pushing it aside, until now. I buy all I need a second hand, and I recently found the perfect camera on dba – a Danish second-hand site. It is way smaller and perfect for vlogging, the quality is better and it has encouraged me to produce more and better content. But since my old camera works perfectly fine, I’ll keep using it when I am home as well.

EASY AND DELICIOUS NICE CREAM: My most recent obsession is nice cream made with raspberries, bananas, oat milk and chocolate sauce. It is so good and it’s a neat way to substitute more unhealthy things like “normal” vegan ice cream. I buy lonely bananas and chop them into pieces, I then save the pieces in a glass jar in my freezer. Using frozen bananas makes the smoothie more of an ice cream consistency. I then make a chocolate sauce by heating up some bulk chocolate pebbles with some coconut oil in a double boiler. The absolutely best thing about it is that it hardens when it is poured over the nice cream. Guys, try this, it is divine.

LOW WASTE WORKOUTS: I have been getting into a lot of new methods of exercising recently. I do taekwondo two days a week, and I got my dobuk uniform second hand. I also do climbing, yoga, running, and I have been getting back into practicing my head and handstands. For climbing, I rent gear every time I am at the gym, so I don’t have to buy my own stuff and for yoga, running and headstand practices I use my normal workout clothes. Most of it is second hand, but I also use a few sustainable pieces from Organic basics.

Organic Basics Yoga Shorts / Organic Basics Sports Bra (affiliate)

ZERO WASTE BOYFRIEND: I have had Jens test out some zero waste care and beauty products for men and he really liked them. He already uses a bamboo toothbrush and a solid soap bar, and now he is on the safety razor train as well. I was so happy to see that he actually liked the products. I actually think that gendered products are super unnecessary, but I also think that it’s important to engage everyone in sustainability, and right now the majority of zero waste products are targeted towards women, so we gals need to show the men in our lives the ropes.


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