Solid Dish Soap // Zero Waste Kitchen Supply Life-Saver

Hello everybody! Ever since going zero waste I have had issues with finding good soaps of my dishes. Last year I discovered the liquid soap from Bleschu which comes in a glass bottle. But sadly, that option is very limited to Danes only as it’s a Danish company that does not ship internationally. Therefore, I have been looking for an alternative that is available to most of us, no matter where we live. Luckily Boobalou had an option that is just that.

Find the solid dish soap here

The solid dish soap works like any other piece of soap. You wet it like a normal piece of soap, rub your dish brush against it and it will lather up with foamy soap. Then you will do your dishes as normal. It’s a great zero waste option because generally, liquid soap requires more packaging and recourses, so getting your hands on a dish soap bar is a real lifesaver. Btw Boobalou have a discount code for 10% right now, so use the code GM10 for an extra 10% off

Click here for my international zero waste shopping list

To make life a little easier for those of us who appreciate a sustainable webshop, or perhaps don’t know where to look for sustainable products, I have made a list with all the online shops that I have worked with or love. Just to make it a little easier to navigate all the options.

Last time I worked with Boobalou, I tested out some of their zero waste bathroom products. You can watch how that went in this video

This post was made in collaboration with Boobalou


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