Oatmeal With A Twist // Raw Bite Granola

Hello everybody! I have a routine in the morning and ideally, it includes royal oatmeal. Lol, it’s my own name for it, but it simply means oatmeal with a load of toppings, like peanut butter, coconut sugar, vegan butter, chocolate spread or as today a raw bite bar.

It’s not a zero-waste product, but it is a vegan product, and they are quite nice if you cannot find any unpackaged snacks. So because of this, I’ve enjoyed them a few times this month. They actually sent a bunch of different variations to try. Aaaaaand to give to you guys. There is a giveaway over on Instagram, so pop over there to win three multipacks (my favourite is most def the cocoa one)

For the record, I make my oatmeal with 1 deciliter of oats, 2 deciliters of water, a tsp of hemp seeds and a tsp of chia seeds. I add a pinch of salt and top it with my preferred sweetener, coconut sugar.

To add the raw bite, I just finely and add them on top. The one I used here is the cherry one, which is a new arrival from Raw Bite and it tastes like Christmas (I am getting mad risalamande vibes every time I taste something with cherry, sooo)

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