20 Things I Want To Do In 2020

Hello everybody! With 2020 approaching, I came up with a to-do list of 20 things that I want to get done in 2020. It’s not resolutions per se, I mean some of them are, but they are not those “new year new me” bullshit, it’s more “get those lightbulbs fixed” kind of thing.  I find it super helpful to make lists with points that I can cross out when accomplished, so this is what I am doing this year.  

  1. Take the bus to Berlin / I went to Berlin several times when I was young, but now, it’s been 10 years since my last trip. Berlin is supposedly the vegan capital of Europe and I just want all the food. You can easily make the journey plane-free by taking a bus or a train from Aalborg.
  2. Read all the Harry Potter Books / this year I inherited the entire book series, I used to just get them from the library, which is also why I never got to read the last ones. So now is my time. During autumn, I already finished the first 4 books, and I am just getting started on the 5th, but this seemed like an accomplishment that’s worthy to mention.
  3. Publish my book / In September this year, I signed a contract for something super excited in 2020 and I cannot wait to hold the final product in my hand.
  4. Do a handstand / Okay, so this was also on my list last year, but I forgot to practice. Now I have so many amazing friends that I met through exercise that encourage and motivate me, so this year it’s actually happening.
  5. Get the green belt in Taekwondo / I started practicing Taekwondo in April 2019, and since then, I moved from being a white belt to a white belt-yellow tip to yellow, to orange and in 2020 I am coming for that green.
  6. Try to make vegan sushi / this seems like something I would have done a thousand times already, but it isn’t. Actually, I have never made my own sushi, but I really want to try it out.
  7. Paint a wall in the flat a different colour / I love moving furniture around, I love redecorating and renovating, and I have been eyeing an olive green kitchen wall for ages. I am scared to make such a permanent change though, but in 2020 I am letting myself finally do it.
  8. Host a minimum of 3 dinner parties / I love having my friends over, and with Uni ending in June, we don’t see each other that often anymore. I like having people over, and I want to do it more in the new year.
  9. Run 3 km without a pause / Last Summer and Spring I was so good at running, but as it got colder I stopped. I want to get back into it because I really like it actually. Setting a goal to get me motivated helps so much.
  10. Go on a road trip / Jens and I went on an Autumn road trip around places in Denmark and it was awesome, we want to do that again and see some more of our own country.
  11. Revive my compost / It died and it is sad. It has actually been dead for a while and with so many other things happening and I have had no time to make a new one, so this HAS to be on this list.
  12. Do more sustainable fashion and style content / I feel like the blog is more about vegan food than anything else, because I love food. But I also really love styling and fashion and I want to tap into that again, so from 2020, you can definitely expect more sustainable fashion content.
  13. Hop on a flixbus to an unknown location / The idea of just booking a trip to a place I know nothing about excites me, and Jens agreed to this idea, so in 2020 we are challenging ourselves by going to a completely unknown destination.
  14. Talk about zero waste on TV / This seems super vain, but let me explain. In 2019 I turned down SO many opportunities to be on television because it was always extremely bad timing or there were other things I wanted to do more. But it’s really good for business, and it’s really good for spreading the message, so in 2020 I am prepared to make sacrifices to meet these deadlines.
  15. See Robjerg Mile / In Northern Denmark we have a dessert-like place, very close to where I grew up, but I have never been. I really want to see it though, it’s supposed to be super impressive.
  16. Attend a concert / I always turn down concerts because I think I hate them, but when I do, I always have so much fun. So I am making sure to remember that next time someone invites me.
  17. Hang up a coat rack / seriously, it’s been laying on my floor for months, it’s time.
  18. Keep my business going, be self-employed / 2019 was the year I got self-employed and it takes a lot of work to keep that going. This is a reminder to myself to keep working for what I believe in.
  19. Do 50 push-ups / Just because.
  20. Host a minimum of 5 family dinners / My mum and I joked over the holidays that we are the only two extroverts in a family of introverts, and there is a lot of truth there. However, I love having my family over and having dinner with them, I just need to encourage them to come.

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