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Hello everybody! I was recently invited to go to Malmö and I accepted gladly, it was my first time there, but I have been wanting to go for a long time, and make a vegan food guide. Sooo here we are. Even though I was invited to come here, I got to explore the city all on my own, which was great. However, I also had a little help from Tess Waltenburg, so thank you so much for that. I’ve included the places where I got to eat, but there are of course many more to choose from. I always update my food vegan regularly when I revisit different cities, so keep an eye out for possible updates, it’s not the last time I am going to Malmö.

This is a paid collab between myself and @Malmotown

LEVE: Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6, 211 47. A small bakery with a large selection of vegan baked goods both traditional Swedish cakes and bread, as well as doughnuts. I got their plain sugar covered doughnut, because I have not had a doughnut since going vegan, and I was trés excited to get one. It did not disappoint, at all. The mood inside, although you cannot see it as well in my vlog, was so nice and cozy. Definitely a place worth visiting twice! Leve is mostly vegan, with the exception of a few items.

VEGEGARDEN: Rörsjögatan 23, 211 37. I think you know at this point that I am a sucker for greasy vegan food, we cannot all be health-kweens all the time. I looove Veggie Heroes in Copenhagen, and I go everything I am there, Vegegarden is a similar Swedish equivalent. With a large selection of Chinese buffet classics made vegan I left this place full to the brim (not the best idea when you’re making a food guide, but I just could not help myself. Vegegarden is 100% vegan.

LA TRATTORIA: Östra Tullgatan 7, 211 28. I love pizza, in all shapes and sizes. So when I hear that a place in Malmö makes quality vegan pizza I am there for it. La Trattoria has vegan cheese and vegan meats, although it is not specified on their menus. The cheese is one of the best ones I’ve had, btw. I got a few more veggies on top than I bargained for, but I guess they were trying to be nice, regardless, the pizza was delicious! La trattoria has vegan options but is not an all-vegan establishment.

MAX: Stortorget 25, 211 34. You guys. I’ve said this before, I am not above vegan fast food, and even though I know it’s not ideal, I have to have Max’s no chicken burger, it is so good. I bring my own soy-wrap and ask them to give me the burger unwrapped, then I wrap it myself. They have vegan milkshakes, vegan mayo, nuggets, and burgers you name it and for a normal fast food place, I think that’s pretty impressive.

JORD: Falsterbogatan 1, 211 58. The last place I went to eat on my first trip to Malmö was JORD, an all-vegan cafe that serves toast, cakes, porridges, etc. I got the scrambled tofu with kale and toast. I have to say I was looking forward to this meal. I easily get caught up in vegan fast foods, and I love it to bits, but after a while, I just crave some more whole foods. Jord was perfect for this, I felt so energized and happy when I left the café, definitely worth a visit!


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