How To Revive An Old Room Sustainably

Hello everybody! I have some new and really exciting video projects coming up soon, and I cannot wait to share them with you. I am making a sustainability course for an online learning platform, and because of this, I had to move around in my bedroom to make the background look slick and pretty. Easier said than done, and I realized that I have a way to much stuff in my bedroom. So after filming the first course, I decided to move around a bit. I do this every 2-3 months, just to keep it fresh.

I then decided that it was time to sell my wooden table. I’ve been using it as a nightstand/where I leave all my shit-table but it has always been too big for my room. I found it 3 years ago in a dumpster, haha yes. I put it up for sale on a local Facebook page and in a matter of 10 minutes someone came a bought it. I am honestly so glad to be rid of it because it has made my bedroom feel way roomier and fresher.

Tips if you are feeling bored with your room but want to be more sustainable:

  1. Re-arrange the furniture you already own for a fresh start
  2. Sell or donate a piece of furniture to give yourself more room
  3. Thrift a new piece of furniture
  4. Buy eco paint and paint a wall a different colour
  5. Get some plants (if you can take care of them)
  6. Find storage options to make your room feel more organized
  7. Do the declutter challenge
  8. Give your place a thorough cleaning

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