BEFORE ZERO WASTE // fashion week flashback

Hello everybody! Today’s post is a little different, but that’s because I have some rather different plans for next week. I have been invited to Berlin fashion week and will be taking an overnight bus (no plane) to Berlin this Sunday. I will be representing zero waste in an industry that is inherently wasteful, but I do see some motivation within the industry to change. For instance, I will be joining a debate panel on sustainable denim production, so there is some interest.

But it won’t be my first time at fashion week, actually, I have been quite the stable at Copenhagen fashion week from 2011 to 2013 lol. Before I found zero waste and before I cared about our environment, I was a fashion writer and blogger, as well as a street style photographer. Today, I will take you guys through some of my looks from that time and talk a bit about what I would do different now and what I still like. I am also planning a video about the looks I am bringing to Berlin and I am hella excited to show you my sustainable outfits.


I am not wearing a single second-hand item on this picture, sadly. The big cardigan I was gifted by my friends, but it came from a fast-fashion store, same with the white dress underneath, I wore that for my high school graduation as well actually. The shoes are shiny Dr. Martens, and although I love them, I would not purchase plastic shoes today. They broke 2 years after and I had to throw them away because no shoe repair person could fix them. I am also wearing a bindi which is problematic I see today, but back then I did not think about that at all. I also dyed my hair this bright red, and although I love how it looks, I don’t do that anymore and probably never will again.  Ah spoke too soon, the ear clips are thrifted, go past Gitte.


Outfit 1: I loooved this coat, I thrifted it and I still have it as well. The shirt underneath, the trousers and the belt are also thrifted. So proud of this gurl not gonna lie. The hat and the shoes are both fast fashion items though. But today, I would easily be able to recreate this look with only second-hand items. Outfit 2: The shoes and jeans are fast fashion, but the leather jacket and the fur hat is thrifted. Which is nice. I would never wear those items today though, I think it send a signal that wearing fur is okay and it is definitely not. The leather jacket also looks basically new and sends the same message. Leather is often tanned with chrome and it’s extremely unsustainable, pass.

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I remember this look being super duper cold, which it was. I was wearing a crop top in January. I remember thinking that as long as a got sick after fashion week it did not matter, no my attitude today mind you. The jeans are not second hand, and neither is the bag and the shoes, but the rest I got preloved – which present Gitte appreciates. I still use the coat every day btw. I like the aesthetic of this look and it definitely resembles something I would put together today as well. In warmer weather.

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I friend of mine made this skirt for me as a graduation present, so I consider that rather sustainable. I like that I wore that to fashion week that’s cool. The necklace, shoes, and glasses are not though, got those from Chinese retailers on Ebay for less than a dollar. That’s as unsustainable as it gets, but I did that a lot, so I could afford to look trendy.  Do not recommend it. The back and the shirt are thrifted though. Oh, I and remember a Sephora employee told me that day that I looked like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and that made my day.


Outfit 1: the coat is a designer brand but I found it in a thrift shop, some with the hat. The gloves are new leather, so that’s a no-go today. However, I made the jewelry myself and that’s definitely something I would do today as well. Outfit 2: All of the outfit, except the bag, is thrifted. I honestly, I would love to wear this again, but think I donated all these clothes. Today, clear plastic handbags like these are a pet peeve of mine because they are never made sustainably, and you cannot recycle them. So I would never get one again, but the rest of the outfit I can get on board with. I do prefer cotton stockings over nylon ones now though, as it is just plastic and difficult to recycle.


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