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Hello everybody! The outfits from the Berlin fashion week will start coming in now. I have not done style and fashion content for a long ass time before I went to Berlin, but I have you are still interested. I went to fashion week with my second hand and vintage pieces, no fast fashion in sight yo. I also used a few new items which I got from sustainable brands.

I posted pictures of this on Instagram and someone commented that I looked like a sexy libertarian that also practices witchcraft in her spare time and honestly, I am there for that vibe. I usually wear a lot of blacks but all Autumn and Winter I have been really into warm and golden brown color and I have thrifted so many pieces to fit that aesthetic. Even though you find new patterns, styles or colors for your wardrobe you can still skip the fast fashion stores and go for second hand, vintage or conscious brands.  So let’s go through this outfit from the top and down.

Glasses – a pair of Blue Light Monkey Glasses, which I usually only wear when I work in front of my computer, but hey got to go all the way for the look. The glasses are made from recycled materials. Shirt – my shirt is from OhSevenDays is one of my favourite sustainable fashion companies, they use deadstock and recycled materials to make their pieces and they are so chic and modern. Skirt – an old vintage piece form a thrift store in Copenhagen.

Socks – my socks, boring as this subject may be, are simply thrifted. I don’t shop second-hand underwear, but I will gladly pick up socks and stocking in a thrift shop, no issues. Shoes – the shoes are a recent thrift find and they are what inspired this entire look.  

Also, you might be wondering where these pictures where taken. I went to the sustainable fashion expo, Neonyt which was located at Tempelhof Airport, an airport in Berlin which was closed down I 2008. The landing field has since then been turned into a public park, but it still bears resembles an airport. I felt all the “fuck plane travel I took the bus here”-vibes.

Photos: dquzii_graphics


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