Vintage & Preloved // new favourite combos

Hello everybody! So perhaps I have mentioned it a couple of thousand times, but I went to fashion week? Oh, you haven’t heard? Lol I think it has been said enough times now, anyway I am not nearly cool anough to brag about this stuff. However, I have been looking so much forward to sharing this outfit with you here on the blog. I want to talk about how easy it is to express your own personal style, without fast fashion. It’s not a difficult as it seems; personally I have found that a good mix of vintage and preloved items gives me all the tools I need to look bomb and feel good about where my clothing is from.

6 months ago I found this hoodie in a thrift shop, I only paid £2 for it and I went home immediately and cropped it, most of my tops are cropped, because I am basic AF yes, but also because I am super short and it looks more flattering I think. But granted, mostly the basic part.

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I bought the shoes in a thrift shop last year, they remind me of Bratz dolls’ shoes because they are rather high and chunky, I really like wearing them though, they are extremely comfortable. Both belts are also thrifted. The chain one I found in a Red Cross store in Copenhagen, while I randomly found the other one in my local thrift shop. I have been needing a black normal belt for ages, and finally, patience paid off.

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I am not saying that I not super into the 70’s aesthetic that’s everywhere right now, a style I will properly keep wearing even when the trend dies, I don’t care. The cool thing about “retro” trends is that you don’t have to buy fast fashion, you can literally just buy vintage! I love the headscarf situation that’s popular (and it masks a bad hair day) and I love vintage scarfs for that. No need to buy new.

I got the jeans from Revival Vintage, and guys this is pretty cool. They gifted me the jeans without knowing my measurements, and they fit PER-FECT-LY. I cannot even manage that in normal stores, so I am quite shook and also super happy with my new jeans. Denim, especially, is really intense to make and the process requires a lot of toxic chemicals and water. So boycotting fast fashion denim was one of my first sustainable fashion moves. Worn denim looks way better anyway

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Lastly, the bag is an old stable of mine; it’s my beloved Grünbag shopper. It’s made from upcycled materials from truck covers and safety belts and it is my absolutely best travel companion. I bring it with me everywhere, because when you insist on dragging a big camera, a reusable water bottle, a stainless steel lunchbox and a book of leisure, you’ll need a lot of room.

Pictures taken by the lovely and talented Sophie Brand Photography


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