SPRING CLEANING // zero waste edition

Hello everybody! I am doing my Spring cleaning, even though it started to snow outside, but hey what can you do. There are tons of easy zero waste tips to make your cleaning routine more sustainable, I am going over a few of them in my latest cleaning video. Watch it if you’re curious about how I go about it, or if you like to watch life vlogs, it does not get any better than a good ol’ cleanin’ vlog.

The video was sponsored by Tru Earth, a brand that I recently got to know and I am so genuinely excited about their zero waste cleaning detergent. As you may know, I have been using soap nuts for a very long time, and I have also been super happy with them because I found a supplier that supports the community that produces them. But not every brand does that, and many of the bigger commercialized brands of soap nuts do come with consequences of the local communities. For instance, the growing popularity in the West has increased the price of soap nuts, making them too expensive for the communities that used to use them, forcing them to choose cheap and toxic detergents instead. If you only have access to soap nuts from such companies, then the more sustainable thing would probably be to find another alternative.


This channel is all about different alternatives, so it’s so great to be able to show you another sustainable laundry option. The Tru Earth detergent comes in a sheet of two, you rip over the sheet and use half for one load of laundry. Just put the sheet in with your clothes and that’s it. The sheets come both with and without perfume if you’re sensitive or allergic. The sheets dissolve completely, I tested it out in a bowl to see if any fibers were left, but nothing. The sheets dissolve completely into soap, which makes them easy to use at home and to travel with. Their only packaging is the cardboard the arrive in, so they are completely plastic-free. It’s is really an easy step up from liquid detergent in plastic bottles or powder detergent in heavy boxes, but the result is completely the same.


Other Spring cleaning tips that are easy to include in your routine:

Applecider vinegar and baking soda: she is an old gorl, but she is effective. Both are ingredients that I have in the kitchen anyway and it saves a ton of money as well. If you have a clogged drain or greasy stain, pour baking soda on top and cover the area lightly, the take the vinegar and pour it on top. Let it work for 2-3 minutes. Use a sponge or cloth to scrub the area and then rinse with water.

Homemade cleaning agent: take some orange peels and soak them in vinegar for 1-2 weeks. Afterward, you have a great cleaning agent that works just as great as store-bought agents. It does not feel sticky or smelly afterward. The cool thing about vinegar is that it absorbs smells and is absorbed into the air itself. So maybe you can smell the vinegar at first, but give it 20-25 minutes and smell will be gone. You can also put a glass of vinegar into your fridge if you’re battling foul smells from expired food. The citrus peels are super acidic and will dissolve stains easily, the acid from citrus peels is also what is used in many store-bought agents, so you’re really just skipping a lot of expensive middlemen.

Cotton cloths and sponges: many cleaning and dishcloths are made from synthetic fibers, which means that they are often made from plastics. As a result, they release microplastic every time you use and wash them. Ultimately many of these products are thrown away after a couple of uses, but even if you use them for a long time, they still have a large impact, and they pollute our water. Instead, cotton cloths and natural sponges will biodegrade completely and do not release any microplastic during each use. They are also easy to repair if they break prematurely or can be upcycled to new products. You can also make your own cloths from repurposed materials.

A bagless vacuum: if you need a vacuum try and find one that does not need a bag, but simply has a compartment that you empty after use. It saves a lot of trash and the bag is really unnecessary. There is also a convenience element here, when I accidentally vacuum something important, I can easily retrieve it haha. I got my vacuum second hand, and you can too. Tons of people are selling them, so there often not even a need to buy it from new. That also saves you a ton of money, you’re not contributing to the demand for more products, and it saves on e-waste.

This blog post is sponsored by Tru Earth, however, all views, statements, and opinions are completely my own


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