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Hello everybody! I hope you are all still staying safe. Although many countries in Europe are opening up ever so slightly, the world is still deeply affected and many people are still at risk. Denmark in opening up, but we are continuously staying indoors. I spend most of my days editing, writing, and researching, and I am not mad at it. But in times like these I end up feeling kind of down, all I wear is jumpers and hoodies and when I look in the mirror I feel like wanting to give up a little, it’s not great. I like dressing up and getting ready, mentally it lifts me up and makes me feel so much better and more productive. So Jens and I decided to throw a lockdown formal cocktail night, just the two of us. This is how that went down.


Homemade body butter / So Eco brushes / Zero Waste Path deo / Veg Up concealer / Elate Cosmetics palette

I did my makeup, but not like my everyday makeup, I really made an effort. I never normally do eyeliner and red lipstick, because I like to keep it in the low, but it felt nice to put in the effort today. My eyeliner is from Veg-Up and the lipstick is a combo colour where I’ve mixed a Faraday Face shade with two other shades from my Elate palette.

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I also saw this cocktail night as a little bit of an excuse to wear some of the second-hand purchases I’ve made during the lockdown. I’ve used several online second-hand platforms to find some light Summer staples, including these 90’s strappy sandals and this white cross-body bag. The dress is an old second-hand find and one of those dresses that I wear to almost every single party during the Summer. I think it is crazy flattering, I love the colour and the fit. I thrifted a dress to go underneath it though, just for some extra hoo-haa security if a wind should blow up my dress.

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I met up with Jens at his place and he looked so dapper in his grey suit, I love this colour on him. I am actually researching for a video about sustainable men’s’ wear and I hope that’ll be up soon enough. Anyway, we mixed some drinks in these hella insta-worthy champagne bowl glasses that I got from a friend many Christmases ago. If you want similar ones, hit up an antique store and ask for champagne bowls glasses, there are some killer designs out there, especially from the ’20s and ’30s.

And that’s it. That’s our formal cocktail night. we started out super fancy and ended up playing board games and watching a blockbuster. So, not that fancy after all. I highly recommend a “fancy for no particular reason night”.


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