Taupe and Sweet // sustainable spring outfit

Hello everybody! I am stoked that the weather is warming up because all my cute clothes are meant for Spring and Summer, please relate. Anyway, this is a favourite combo of mine, because it combines a sustainable brand that I love with some of my all-time favourite thrift finds. The shirt, headband, and bag are all from Mahla clothing, a brand that I know and love to bits. Mahla makes sweat-shop free clothes in sustainable materials like linen, Tencel, and dead stock. It is a brand that has adapted so many zero waste practices into their production line. The headband for instance is made from leftover waste fabric, and the bad is made from second-hand denim. Actually, I recently shipped off a pair of ripped jeans to Mahla so they could be made into accessories and bags.

find the bags here

find the shirt here

I am working like a crazy gorl at the moment because I am putting the finishing touches on my book. It’ll be out in September, however just in Danish for now. But it is an amazing process to go through for sure, and I am hoping to be able to translate it as soon as they’ll let me. But of course, when the book is out there is going to be much more concrete info. Right now, I am just a crazy scatterbrain with only work and my stolen compost on my mind.

The post is made in collaboration with Mahla Clothing


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