PLASTIC FREE JULY // rating 7 zero waste swaps (pt 4)

Hello everybody! Welcome to part four of the plastic free July recap. I have of course three previous recaps that are all available here already, and it’s over soon. Crazy how this July went by. And so far I have managed to get the dates from a total of two times, lol. Anyway, here are part four of the zero waste crash course.

here are: 20 ZERO WASTE TIPS

here are: ZERO WASTE CLEANING ROUTINE // doing laundry, cleaning & dishes

here are: THE IMPACT OF BAMBOO // the good, the bad, and the unnecessary zero waste swaps

here are: THE IMPACT OF SILICONE // is it better than plastic?

here are: COMPOSTING GUIDE // how to compost in an apartment

here are: REVIEW// my boyfriend tries zero waste care products for the first time

here are: THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF COTTON // + is organic cotton ACTUALLY better?


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