WHO I WAS BEFORE // some pre-zero waste blogger content (aHAha)

Hello everyone! Today, I want to share some old AF pictures with you, along with a small, and hopefully light hearted commentary. I love looking back at old pictures and reflecting on how things turned out. I am also that kind of gurl who can retrive old 90’s pictures when I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine, so honestly, it’s a miracle that I’ve shared a lot of old pictures on here #nostalgiahoney. I don’t, however, want to tear myself down for mistakes I made years ago, that’s never helpful now that I have learned so much more that I did not know as a 18-19 year old. But we can still have a good laugh at some of these pictures together, let’s go.

2013: I am low-key bummed out that my hair does not have this level of natural volume anymore, damn. I really like this hairstyle still, I cannot wait to grow longer hair. Dreadlocks back in 2014 really did a number on my natural volume that is still to return, haha.

There are lots and I mean LOTS of fashion-y outfit pictures from this period because I was convinced I would be pursuing a career in fashion *awkward pause*

2012: This is a picture from fashion week in Copenhagen, and as we can all see, my legs look a tiny bit different. On the other hand, Kirsten the Turtle is really standing out. The skirt was a gift from a friend who was getting into sewing, and this outfit made it into 2 different Danish fashion magazines, which she was quite stoked about.

I loved those white wedges, and I think I bought them, fast fashion and everything (I did not know that this was hella yikes until 2014-2015-ish) I think I saw some beauty guru on YouTube wear them, and I was like THAT is my mood.

Most things in this outfit is thrifted, as I have always been into thrift shopping because it gave me a very unique style and that was something I could get behind. Thrift shopping has actually always been a practise in my family ever since I was a child, because we could not effort a lot of new clothes.

2011: This is from a trip to the zoo, haha yeah more things would change very soon (read that in a Morgan Freeman style narrator voice for extra sass) I do, however, still love me some dinosaours. Did you know that dinosaur is latin for terrible lizard?

2013: I had my friends and my dad take loads of my outfit pictures for the blog, my dad actually developped quite the eye for amatour fashion photography. And honestly, Jens does not go through a day without hearing the words: “babe can you take a picture of me real quick?”, soo.

2014: This is where lots of you started to get to know me, this was taken the year I started uni, and 4 months after this picture was taken I would hear about zero waste for the very first time, exciting huh?


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  1. Marisol Obregon

    Your hair looked more orange back then? 🤔

    1. Yes I used to dye it back then 😅👍

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