Trying Low Impact Foods from Helsinki

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Hello everybody! This is a post meant to give you some more details about the dishes I made and enjoyed in my last what I eat in a day video, so if you haven’t watched it, you can find it in the link below.

WATCH: WHAT I EAT IN A DAY // vegan & low impact (trying new foods from Finland edition)

I recently received a huge parcel from Helsinki Marketing, I’ll be going there later this year, if it is safe to travel and everything about the journey is going to be low-impact, I am super excited about that, but as research and preparation, I got to taste some Finnish delicacies yesterday, here is a little bit more detail about those foods.

The first thing I made was this oatmeal with lingonberry xylitol (birch sugar), a natural Nordic sweetener, and roasted ground flaxseed with sea buckthorn berry, wow that was some intro. I also added chia seeds from my pantry and peanut butter on top. This seriously kept me full for hours and hours, it was so filling and so delicious. The packaging of the products (see video) was compostable, and the ingredients sourced from Finland, so much closer to Denmark than many other products and resources.

For lunch, I tried fava beans for the very first time. This soy-free plant-based protein absolutely blew me away, it is made from pea protein and fava beans, all harvested in Finland, so a much more low impact meat replacement that soy products, already from looking at transport emissions. I made a wrap with a nettle pesto mix, some pickled veg, and some other ingredients like lettuce, cucumber, and avocado- all found when dumpster diving.

Fava beans are high in protein, low in fat, high in dietary fibers, and slow carbs. I haven’t ever heard about them before, but that’s definitely a mistake, this bean is the bomb. They are harvested organically in Finland, according to the season, and what’s more, the fava bean actually fertilizes the soil it growing in, which means that it is now depriving the soil of nutrients that makes the soil barren later farming, and it also does not need the crazy amount of fertilizes that other crops do. That’s good news for people, bees, soil, and generally all biodiversity. The brand behind this plant-based protein is called Beanit btw, and if you have them available to you, try it out, you won’t be sorry.

I also tried kombucha for the first time, yeah crazy I know, you would think that loving kombucha was on the list of must-does when becoming a sustainability influencer, but alas, I never got around to try it. But, I got this parcel of six bottles of Arctic kombucha, made with flowers and herbs from the Finnish forests, and I really really loved it. The bottles are also great for reuse, so I’ll definitely be using them once I’m finished (pun intended) with the kombucha. The brand is called Arctic Kombucha btw.

For dinner, I continued the day fo firsts, by making risotto for the first time. I got this risotto mix, developed by the wild food maestro Sami Tallberg and it contained risotto rice and wild mushrooms from Helsinki. I was actually kind fo weary because I haven’t liked very mushroomy dishes before, but after having this, I think I have to re-evaluate that statement because this was amazing.

The mix contained Cortinarius caperatus-mushrooms, porcini-mushrooms, thyme, bay leaf, rosemary, sea salt, black pepper, cocoa, chili, and vegetable stock powder. I poured the mix into a pot with 5 deciliters of water. brought it to a boil and stirred throughout with a spoon. When the rice was al dente, I added 25 grams of vegan butter and nutritional yeast before serving.

it was so nice and fluffy and the taste of mushrooms was not that kind of overpowering that I sometimes think they are, it was so smooth and delicious, so I can say with confidence that I’ll definitely be trying to make this again.


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