MY (new) SECOND-HAND HOME // apartment tour pre-view

Hello everybody! I moved in with Jens and we spend all Summer trying to make the apartment feel homey and personal for both of us. As a result, we now live in a place so reflects both our styles and interests and we have created the best space I could imagine. Of course, we have done so sustainably – with reused, preloved and second-hand furniture, and most of all, things we already owned, the apartment is really coming together. There is a home tour video coming out very soon as well, but I wanted to share some of my favorite bits from our home now as well.

The shelves are Jens’ and the chair I got second-hand last year, it is super comfortable and I love how we’ve created this little reading nook. The books are color-coordinated, and yeah, that has G written all over it, sorry not sorry lol. The little elephant pillow, in the armchair, was actually a tea cozy, but since I rarely make kettles of tea, we decided to stuff it and sew it into a decorative pillow. This way I am getting tons more use out of it, and it is not stored away in some drawer.

My home office consists of a second-hand white table with drawers, and a thrifted chair. I also love being around tons of plants and art, so this space not only inspires me to be creative, but it is also beautiful and functions as my backdrop for videos.

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Mols is always in the bed, she is probably the world champion of naps. I use this red wooden tray for my laptop when I am working from bed. I know it is not ideal, but I find that I do some of my most productive work when I am cozy and under the covers. The tray is actually a handpainted heirloom as well, so it brings me tons of joy.

What would my zero waste home be, without my pantry? Jens’ kitchen or I guess… our kitchen lol, is much bigger than my previous one and I know have plenty of room to stock my dried goods. I buy in bulk whenever I am in Aarhus and Copenhagen, otherwise, I shop for glass and cardboard. You can watch my video here on the Ultimate Zero Waste Shopping Guide

There is also plenty of counter space and lots of light coming in, so it’s perfect for filming recipe video (which I have already done yo, click here for anti-food waste recipes) I am also using the light to regrow herbs and veggies, right now, I am regrowing lettuce, spring onion, and oregano.

The table in the kitchen has followed me since I moved out from home in 2014, it is from an old playhouse, build by the guy who also built out the house. I am quite certain that this table will outlive all of use. it is also so beautiful, uneven, and natural.

Everything is either old purchases, pre zero waste, and sustainability, or second-hand finds. We have tried to go in two directions with the decor, so the living room is super earthy with green, brown, and red tones so everything feels really warm and cozy. while the bedroom is more monochrome and ha a lot of whites. I find that having a light and white bedroom clears my mind and helps me calm down, and makes it easier for me to focus. But the rooms, and the kitchen, I am head over heels for, and I hope we can live here for a very long time.

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  1. What a gorgeous apartment! I love the gallery wall – mine is coming along as well. 🙂
    Jenna ♥
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