RECIPE // left-over spring rolls

Hello everybody! I had completely, low-key, forgotten about this recipe that I promised I would post last month on insta, sooo. We are doing it now. I was just thinking about something good I could make for dinner with the leftovers I have laying around and my mind turned instantly to these, so it is a perfect time to share with you as well. Let’s do this.

FILLING // make the filling by processing your leftovers in a food processor. Of course, some ingredients work better than others, and ideally, the consistency should be moist (lol sry), not dripping wet nor completely dry. I used half an onion, one carrot, 2 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon’s worth of ginger, spring onion, and then I added a splash of soy sauce to let it combine.

SPRING ROLL SHEETS (?) // I had these laying in my freezer already, they can be bought in many East Asian supermarkets, in plastic thought. BUT you can also make then yourself, I don’t have a recipe (yet), but you can find tons of tutorials on the good old YouTubes.

FOLDING // place 2-3 teaspoons of filling on a piece of sheet, then with a brush or a finger, wet the edges, so they will stick together once you start folding. The easiest is definitely placing the square in a diamond shape, so.. not horizontally. Then, fold the left and right corner in, on top of the filling. After doing so, take the bottom half and place it on top, as seen in the picture. Now you can roll the filling and the sheet forward, onto itself, until it resembles a roll.

COOKING // I deep fry my rolls in oil, from a glass bottle, and the things to remember here is to make sure the fold is facing down during the fry. If the seal is loose, oil, and air can get into the roll and ruin it, so make sure they folding area is facing down when frying. Fry the rolls for about 2-3 minutes, or until golden and leave them to rest and crunch up. Ennnjoy.


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  1. Yum – those look amazing! I love making pierogis, so I bet I would love making spring rolls as well.
    Jenna ♥
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