A WEEK THAT WENT BY // xmas decor, painting & pizza

Hey everybody! I promised more casual life updates so that is what you are getting. Thank you for the great feedback on the last post, and of course, I’ll keep making these, it also tons of fun for me to share more personal and practical stuff. A lot happened this, week so let’s get into it.

First of all, we are getting ready for December, and usually, I am kind of meh about holiday prep and decor but because 2020 has been so wild, I just decided to go all-in. Conveniently, I would this pine branch laying near the public bins outside my apartment this week. So obviously, I took it home, cut it up, and used it in my Christmas decor. The pinecones are years old and I always save them for next year because they are great sustainable decor elements. The glasses are second hand btw, so most likely the most sustainable Christmas decoration on da block. Check out my Christmas vlogs from last year here.

Then I was surprised with a gift from Fresh Land, they sent me a box of clementines, apples, and avocados. Especially the avos I am excited about because I haven’t had them in ages. I normally don’t buy avos because of their ethical production and intense carbon footprint. But these are organically made in Spain and the supply chain is transparent, so I am happy to support them. Btw #advertisment since they sent these to me.

I took up drawing again this week, and I am sold. I’ve had my second-hand supplies laying around for months, but this week I was just like “I wanna paint something” and I started making these sheets of smiling veggies. Jens told me they are adorable, so now we are looking for some pre-loved frames so we can hang them. I used Facebook Market place to find second-hand art supplies btw, it is a gold mine if you don’t want to buy from new.

One of the nights we made vegan pizza, and these are by far my favourite toppings (don’t fight me on this lol: 50/50 tomato sauce and bbq sauce, corn, cauliflower, and vegan nuggets (which this night was veggie balls, but still) WITH a homemade garlic dressing, it is divine. You can find my recipe here btw.

Then we celebrated Jens’ 30th birthday. It was a great day and hundreds of you congratulated him and it was so nice, thank you for being the best. We went out to dinner at Karma Sushi in Aalborg and *destroyed* their vegan sushi menu completely. We got so much food and it was beyond delicious. The same day we are swung (swang* lol no) by Aalborg’s new bulk store “Zero Waste Aalborg” and got some goodies. This will be a weekly occurrence from now on, as Aalborg has not had a bulk store before.

Lastly we “celebrated” Black Friday, and by celebrated I mean I gave a speech at a Green Friday demo about conscious consumption. I had my mum there with me (yeah even as an adult sustainable and independent businesswoman it can be nice to bring your mum to work), we went out for vegan tacos afterwards and had a great time. Check out my post here about 10 tips to survive Black Friday as an environmentalist.


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