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Hello everybody! I teased about some new plastic-free cosmetics on Instagram yesterday and was instantly bombarded with requests for reviews, and actually, it was already my plan to do a review, now I just felt motivated to do it a wee bit faster haha.

I ordered some products from this Etsy shop called Keeping It Natural, they are actually also featured on my last of low waste cosmetics, and I have been eager to try them for a while. I talked to the owner and she was so nice and kind and it was a truly great experience to order from her. All products are vegan and the store ships from the US. That’s good to know if you’re European, as things might get caught in customs (which mine did and I had to wait a month to receive my package lol).

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THE MASCARA: it comes in a small tin like all the products do, and I like this packaging because it is super easy to reuse once I am through the mascara. You also get the mascara brush to go with it. You can ofc use a brush you have already or even a toothbrush, but I really appreciate this little set. The brush is curved at an angle that makes application super easy. When applying the mascara, you have to wet the brush and run it across the tin. Then apply on your lashes. I used two coats of mascara to get this result, and I quite like it, but you can also build up layers on top, just let the previous layer dry before doing so. I think it holds up quite nicely, it does not smudge or crumble down your cheeks (which is also a fear I have with natural mascaras). It does not fully dry, like to a crisp dry, but enough to avoid leaving stains on your face or hands.


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THE RED LIPSTICK: is my absolute favourite, no question. I have been looking for a zero waste lipstick like this and it hits all the marks. It is not super opaque, but with some build-up, it created a quite solid colour. It looks really really good in my opinion and it matches well with my other lipsticks when I blend them. I apply the lipstick with a brush, but you can also use your finger for a sheer effect.

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BRONZER: Then I also got the bronze lip tint, which I have already started to misuse as a highlighter, but it works super well if you want to create a subtle highlight on your nose or cheekbones. It also looks great as a lipstick however, it is rather sheer, but gives this bronzy effect in the sunlight. Rather 90’s low-key but in a good way. Both lipsticks hold up quite nicely, I do however need to reapply a small bit after having eaten a meal. However, because the products are natural, they do not contain any of those synthetics components that like lipstick completely stick, so I am super happy with my new products.


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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand yet – I definitely need to check them out!
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