TATTOO TOUR // the tattoos I got in 2020

Hello everybody! It is that time of year again, where I’d love to give you guys an update on the tattoos I got in the past year. I save all questions, pics, and updates for this one post/video (which you can find here as well because strictly speaking tattoos and zero waste living do not match. It is somewhere near impossible to avoid plastic altogether when getting a tattoo. However, tattoos are one of my passions and not something I could give up entirely. They give me so much joy, they are a way for me to deal with distorted body image, they are a way of self-expression, and a way for me to preserve memories.

Click here to check out my previous tattoo tours (youtube playlist)

But some of the things I do to, at least, reduce the waste generated from tattoos are: 1. booking longer sessions for many small things, rather than booking many small sessions throughout the year, this way the waste generated will account for more pieces instead of individual ones. 2. My tattoo care is super simple and I don’t use any plastic-wrapped care products, simply just my own homemade body butter. 3. When possible, I avoid getting them wrapped in cling film, they benefit from the air, and I avoid the waste.


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  1. Love these tattoos! I have always enjoyed watching these videos on YouTube, as I find it interesting to see the inspiration behind the ink 🙂 thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
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