THE WEEK THAT WENT BY / vegan holiday feast + toilet paper

Hello everybody! I want to better at using the blog to keep you updated, as of now I use Instagram daily, so for the really current updates, I suggest following me on there as well (lol click to follow), BUT as stories disappear I want to leave ‘em hanging in here, or at least, some of them. These are a couple of highlights from my week, let’s see how long I can keep this format going.

First of all, I had this amazing insta collab with A Circular Design Studio, who makes trays and home décor from plastic waste that nobody wants. They make them in Copenhagen, and in every sense for the meaning, they are perfectly circular.  I really love those collabs where I work with creative people that are super innovative and really think sustainable in ways many others don’t think of. I got a couple of their trays to try, and they have already found great spots all over my flat.

I was also contacted by one of my previous partners, Ruby Cup, I worked with them on a video last year, and so far it is by fAr the video with the most views on my channel lol, 1.2 million *shook*, I have been an affiliate partner of them ever since and they just called me up to let me know that through your purchases, the ones that used my link, they have been able to donate 600 menstrual cups to people who cannot afford hygiene products, so I was super stoked about that (the link here is actually the affiliate link if you want to check them out)

Jens and I “celebrated” the feast of Saint Martin, and by “celebrated” I mean we used it as an opportunity to cook our vegan holiday feast, the same one we make for Christmas every year, but YEAH it is just that good. You can find the recipes here.

There was also a trip to the farmers market involved, Jens went to the market on Saturday while I was under the weather, with a “you-have-been-working-too-much-so-now-I’ll-get-sick body”, which luckily went away quickly. We made a tiny grocery haul and spent the day making garlic confit, with this literal fuckton of garlic Jens brought back. If you want to know more about where and how I shop zero waste in Aalborg, check out this post.

Last week, I went thrifting out found this amazing jacket, that I wore a ton this week, it is super warm, but does not look it, which is my actual aesthetic. At first, I actually thought the jacket was made from a faux-leather material aka plastic but turns out it is made from actual leather. But it is from the ’90s, which I guess technically makes it vintage now (?). I have recently talked lots about my feelings about wearing leather, wool, silk, etc as a vegan, and you can check out the post here.

I made a purchase at a Danish online vegan supermarket that I was recently made aware of, Nutty Vegan, they have the best selection of sweets and snacks I have ever seen, so this is the second time I buy snacks from them. These “schaka lotta” chocolates taste *exactly* like kinder maxi, but they are vegan. They were 100% my jam when I was younger, so having them again as actual heaven. They do come with a little bit of packaging though, so this is a treat I only allow myself once in a while (but you know we gotta support those small businesses yo)

You know like.. I can’t always explain what is happening in a photo. I was in a mood during my night routine and turned into a toothbrushin’ photo sesh. I use tooth tabs from dent tabs btw, and a bamboo toothbrush (15 things I don’t buy anymore – bathroom edish). And then, something super unglamorous, but I got a new shipment of toilet paper from Green Cane. I actually have a meeting with another brand that makes plastic-free toilet paper coming up, and hopefully, that’s turning into a cool collab, let’s see. But right now, I buy my toilet paper via Bleschu, where I used to work (I managed their social media profile for a while).


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