WASTE FREE PERIODS // reviewing period pants from WUKA

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Hello everybody! Perhaps you have heard of period pants before? I tried my first pair this year and since then, period pants have been a (very!) appreciated addition to my menstrual routine. I was super excited to try WUKA because I’ve heard good things. They sent me two pairs of their menstrual underwear to try, but of course, this is my honest opinion, as always.

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First impression: The underwear has padding, but not to the extent that will it feel like wearing a diaper, which is definitely a plus. The underwear has an absorbent layer in between two leaf-proof layers and it can absorb up to 3 tampons worth of blood. One of my favourite things about these is the gentle elastic bands that are super flexible and do not irritate your tummy. During my period I cannot wear anything tight, or it will be cramp city, so it was so nice to experience how flipping comfortable these were.

WUKA period underwear is made ethically and sustainably with GOTS certified organic cotton, and they are of course vegan

Why period pants? I know not everyone is into the menstrual cup, and even if you are, it is nice to have options. I love being able to choose, especially on those really heavy days where the extra protection of the period pants, also at night, is so nice. In terms of sustainability, the Wuka pants are made with organic cotton, and they are, of course, reusable. Wearing a reusable menstrual product rather than using disposables tampons and pads makes a really big difference for the environment, and for you. I have been using reusable menstrual products for wear and low-key it is one of my favourite switches, and something I recommend to everybody who menstruates, not just people who want to lower their impact.

Frequently asked questions about period underwear:

How long can I wear them? It depends on your flow. Heavy flow pants can hold up to 20ml of blood, medium flow 15ml and light flow pants 5ml. You can wear heavy pants for up to 8 hours, and the medium flow pants for 4-6 hours.

Will they smell after a long time of wear? No, the fabric has antibacterial properties.

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How do you wash then? before throwing them in the wash, rinse them in your sink. Then you can wash them with your normal dark materials, and with your normal detergents.

Are they good for just after having a baby? Yes! We recommend our WUKA Heavy for postpartum bleeding. Our new High Waist is also great for covering scars and hugging your tummy after a c-section. 

When I got the parcel there was also a surprise, so practical and so wonderful that I have never. I have never owned a heating pad before (I guess it was just one of those things I never saw the point in using) But as a crampy gurl, I thought I wanted to give it ago, and Jens can testify to the fact that I rolled under my covers with this heating pad the day I got it and proclaimed: “Mmmm nice and toasty” perhaps 400 times lol. The pad is made from natural rubber.


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