A WEEK THAT WENT BY // (and then some) before Christmas

Hello everybody! I am back with an update on what I have spent this last week, aaaand then some. I decided to add some glimpses from the week before that as well because I thought they deserved a mention. Btw I hope you are all having a good time, and staying safe.

SHOPPING FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER: I have spent the last two weeks slowly stocking up on the things I need for Christmas. I will be spending the 24th with my mum, dad, my brother, and my grandmother and we are staying in my place for the first time which I am super excited about. But in order to not have to go on the dreaded long haul for everything I need. I started buying bits and bobs as soon as I could. Not everything will be zero waste of course, but we are definitely low on packaging.

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A VERY SPECIAL GIFT: Jens and I won’t be celebrating Christmas together, he will be with his family and we prefer it this way. So we decided to exchange gifts before he headed home, and I almost screamed. He gave me a gift voucher for a custom necklace from Cono Jewellery.

BAKING: We had my mum and dad over for some pre-Christmas coziness, so I was up pretty early baking and warming æbleskiver. The bun recipe is one I always use for birthdays, they are so buttery, so light and fluffy, and flipping vegan, and it is featured in my book.

COZY OUTFITS: I have been filming videos in advance for the rest of 2020, so all the work I have left to do is online, thus I have been wearing this same cozy outfit for days and days, and I love it. The bag is from Grünbag and the leggings are Organic basics, the rest is second hand. (I have a discount code for 20% off organic basics for the rest of December btw, click here)

EDGY DIY: I have been reposting this picture high and low, and without the slightest touch of shame, I don’t care I love it. I replaced the normal strap on the purse with a chain and jumped into some fishnets stocking and a crop top to go and have mimosas with my grandmother (distance and safety tho). I got a comment when I posted it on insta saying that it was so nice to see more “alternative” styles being interpreted in a sustainable way, and how it was great to see other aesthetics represented and that just sat so right with me.

DRAWING: This December I really took up drawing again, and I have been finding so much bliss in doodling and sketching it is wIld. Right now I am still just practicing but I want to be better so I am experimenting with lots of different styles and methods right now. In particular, I love using dot techniques, which I also have quite a few tattoos with dotwork.

ROYAL OATS: We have a dish that we call royal oatmeal and it is GREAT. It is plain oatmeal, with a tasty twist. We add peanut butter, sugar, vanilla, vegan butter, chocolate, and if we have it stocked, vegan cookie butter on top. I know what you are thinking, is that not just a dessert? Yes, yes it is.

ANTI-FOOD WASTE BEER: Then something exciting happened. This month, I have been working with Brøl Beer in Copenhagen to create an anti-food waste beer brewed with leftover bread. And last week, I got to taste it for the first time. The label gives me life and the beer itself is a gentle IPA with some sharp notes at the end. So very pleasant and cozy. You can find the beer – BADASS BEER – here.

LAST GIG OF 2020: And lastly, I gave my last zero waste lecture and it went great. Of course, it was rather affected by the pandemic, but again, what is not. I was okay with doing a live stream, honestly, I am often in a situation where I prefer them, so it was cool. I talked about zero waste with about a hundred people online, they asked some great questions, and we went over everything from recycling and how to minimize waste, to the invisible impact of clothes, transportation, and agriculture. I have already been booked for new events in 2021 and I cannot wait to get back out there and meet you guys.


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