JAN: a week that went by // dishes, diys, food and naps

Hello everybody! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post like this, so I thought it was about time to share some of the things I spent my week doing. As always, some of this is related to sustainability (in many ways it always is lol) but some of it is also just me existing haha.

This is the only put-together decent outfit I wore all week. I actually dressed up to go and have a walk and coffee (which turned into a beer) with a friend. Otherwise, I have literally just been wearing cozy wear and my running clothes. So it felt super great to feel dressed up and as an ideal version of lockdown-G. Everything in this outfit was thrifted btw.

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The weather has been the coldest so far this winter, but also super sunny and crispy. So Jens and I have been on tons of walks – I also got a couple of runs in before the roads got too icy. But look how beautiful Aalborg is – it has been a gorgeous week.

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Saturday was my only day off this week, which was okay – I’ve had some great collabs this week and a full but exciting schedule. On Saturday Mols and I took a long nap around the afternoon, before ordering vegan takeout for dinner. we also had bulk sweet for our movie night.

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I’ve also made some things this week – for one, I made my own paper and the video will be up later this month. I also made brownies, and they were so good that I had to freeze them down to avoid eating them all in a day lol – you can find the recipe below.

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I’ve been shooting some campaigns and been in a ton of Zoom calls this week, both with other platforms, with the radio, and for some exciting new projects coming up. So I have had this very professional and practical set-up for my camera or laptop all week, I know very distinguished. It’s a POEfessional set-up.

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the dishes this week have been quite AEsthetic lol, idk I think it is all the blue tones that make me really appreciate how this looks. Anyway, cleaning the house and especially doing the dishes is a huge priority for me in a week where I have lots on my plate (pun intended) I work much more efficiently if I am in a clean and organized working environment.

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Lastly, this week I completed the first 7 days of #21daysofbreakfast – I am awful at eating in the morning, and I know it is good for me. Whenever I have a good breakfast my body feels much better, so in order to find a goof routine I took up this challenge and so far it is super delicious. I’ve made a highlight on my insta so you can check out the different breakfasts if you need inspo as a fellow-non-breakfast-eater


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