A WEEK THAT WENT BY // February winter vibes

Hello everybody! Another week has passed, and it’s been a cold one. Luckily, I have felt super productive this week and it’s been good. I haven’t done squat in terms of fitness and exercise, but what can you do, I don’t sweat it (pun intended). I have, however, felt inspired and creative. Let’s take a look at the week.

GROCERIES AND CRAVINGS: I went both to my farmer’s market and the bulk shop and got tons of delicious packaging-free goods. I have had craving for junk food literally all week, but I’ve made an effort to balance it out with healthy foods as well. I do not avoid all junk food all the time though, we did order pizza one night and it was great. The next day I countered it with a delicious lentil salad with hummus and pico de gallo.

video: THE ULTIMATE LOW WASTE SHOPPING GUIDE // where I buy ALL my groceries + zero waste fails

CONTENT: I’ve filmed both reels and tiktoks this week, in addition to my normal schedule of making youtube videos (and I have also been making content for some other platforms, which you will hear more about soon).

video: ZERO WASTE AND HOBBIES (?) / tips for sustainable painting, gaming, exercising and more

DRAWING: I am starting to zone in on a style that I can call my own, I am still new to drawing and I have a lot of growing to do, but it feels great. I have also made a Patreon tier for people who are looking to buy a drawing from me as a commission piece. I have already done a couple of drawing for some followers that they are getting tattooed, and it has me both over the moon and slightly anxious that you guys like it so much. I am beyond grateful.

check out my patreon here for more info on commission art

WINTER: then the lake in our local park froze over. We saw people skating on the ice, and I kinda regretted not buying those second hand skates I saw in a charity shop back in Autumn. But I did the next best thing, popped on a pair of heels and did streches on the ice, some of you guys commented that I had a death wish, and I see why. Later we went back out to do taekwondo kicks on the ice and it look super cool, but sadly the pictures were too dark to tell.

video: I tried 7 days of meal prep for the first time // this is what happened

MEAL PREP: becauce of a fairly packed working scheuele I did a good bit of mealprepping this week. I made cous cous salad, pico de gallo, and pasta salad for 3-4 luches and it made my life so much easier omg.

I used this reicpe for the pico de gallo (just finely chopped the veggies rather than blending)



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