TODAY’S ZERO WASTE GROCERIES // stocking up on greens and pasta (ofc)

Hello everybody! I went for my weekly round of grocery shopping today and I thought I would share. I generally do my grocery shopping gradually during the week, because a gurl cannot have a whole week’s worth of grocery on her bike, but I tried today haha. This is how it went.

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The farmers’ market that I go to to get my greens is in the center of Aalborg, it is there on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They both have imported non-local greens, as well as seasonal locally grown goods, so I’ll base the majority of my meals on the latter, primarily, but not 100%.

Some of my stables are definitely potatoes, carrots, some type of leaf green, onions, leeks, garlic, and broccoli, I get those basically every week.

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Then I stopped by the bulk shop, ZWaalborg, today I got more pasta, some oats and organic cocoa powder. The oats I use both to make porridge for breakfast and for oat milk, which is super easy to make at home.

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