WHAT I WEAR IN A WEEK // 7 days of sustainable outfits

Hello everybody! As a result of some reflecting on how I want to communicate sustainable fashion, I decided to try out a new format. Like I have previously made videos/posts about how much trash I generate in a week, or what I eat in a day, I am now also introducing a “what I wear in a week” series. I think this will be a great way to show practicable sustainable fashion, and how I use it in my daily life.

I recently made a post about the impact of haul videos, and how I want to aim towards a wider variety of sustainable fashion content, in order to portray sustainable fashion not solely with a “look what I’ve bought” attitude, but more so from the perspective of how I use and reuse clothes. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what I wear in a week – Spring edish.

day 1:

shirt – second hand // jumper – second hand // jeans – second hand // boots – second hand // bag – second hand // sunglasses – second hand // ringhonu // watchnordgreen // braceletana luisa

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day 2:

coat – vintage // jeans – thrifted // jumper – thrifted // t-shirt – old fast fashion purchase // scarf – my mum’s from the 80’s // boots – second hand // baggrünbag // braceletana luisa

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day 3:

jacket vintage // jeans – thrifted // flannel – thrifted // shirt – dilling // sunglasses – thrifted // boots – vintage // ring ana luisa // necklaces ana luisa // bag grünbag

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day 4:

jacket – thrifted // cardigan – second hand // t-shirt – tala // skirt – thrifted // stockings – thrifted // boots – thrifted // bag – second hand // hat – vintage //

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day 5:

leggins organic basics // socks organic basics // jumper(s) – thrifted and Jens’ // bag kintobe // jacket vintage // headset – second hand // shoes – thrifted

btw there is 10% off organic basics with the code “GMARYOBC” (affiliate)

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day 6:

shirt – second hand // skirt – thrifted // corset – thrifted // stockings – thrifted // shoes – second hand // bag – thrifted

day 7:

jumper – thrifted // skirt – thrifted // jewllery ana luisa // scrunchie– subscriber diy gift


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