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20.01.2014 by The Picture of Mary


Green Matters

Magazines and Television:

Lectures and Workshops:

  • CanopyLAB speaker 2018
  • Brain Bar Speaker 2018
  • Zero waste speaker at sustainability event, Frederikshavn 2018
  • Lecture at BoxTown Aalborg, Zero waste and low impact living, 2018
  • Sustain Daily “Fordybelsesdag” Speaker 2018
  • CanopyLAB E-lecture, sustainability and zero waste 2017
  • Speak and screening of A Plastic ocean at Doc Wednesday 1000Fryd Aalborg 2017
  • Zero waste lecture at Undaya Yoga 2016
  • Lecture at Tyg og Tænk Copenhagen 2017
  • Zero waste lecture and workshop at Det Grønne Rum, Fredericia 2016
  • Zero waste workshop “make your own toothpaste” 2018
  • Nominated for Aalborg sustainability Award 2015
  • Lecture at Aalborg Library, sustainability and zero waste 2015
  • Lecture at VUC Aabybro, sustainability and social media 2015
  • Speech at The Uzton Center “Sustainable Lifestyle”, 2015

Blogger Mentions: 


  • Nominated as “årets grønne aalborgenser” by Aalborg Bæredygtigheds Festival September 2015
  • GreenMatch ‘Green Girls’ – 2016
  • EU Green Week Ambassador 2018
  • World Food Programme Ambassador 2018

Gittemary as Guest Writer:


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