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Hello everybody! A couple of days ago I posted my new video, which was the concealer recipe video! Therefore, I thought I would make a post with a collective overview of all my zero waste makeup recipes. This way, they are easy to find! Previously I’ve made two zero waste make up tutorials, feel free to check them out if you like here and here.

Hello everybody! Following the topic of my last post, I thought I would talk a bit more about food, plastic free food that is. These pictures are all from my instagram, although I could image some of them have popped up here before as well. They are just to give you an idea of what I usually buy within a month of zero waste. In my daily life it is not so much what you buy, but how you buy it. A lot of the food I buy tend to be local, due t farmer’s markets, and thereby also seasonal, that is if I want the best quality foods. If I have an idea of something I would love to eat, but it only comes in plastic, I try to look for alternatives or I get another idea. It can be hard constantly saying no, but to me, it is all worth the effort. Especially when I see how amazing and beautiful my plastic free shopping bag looks compared to others. Have you had any awesome experiences with plastic free food lately?

Hello everybody! It was requested that I did a food diary, and let me just say, it was really hard to remember to photo document everything for four days. That is also the reason why a few snacks went by undocumented, but I will list them in the description anyway!

Day 1: Normally, I am really bad at eating breakfast, it is not good, but I seem to forget. Therefore I usually eat brunch-y foods or large lunches. My breakfast/lunch on day 1 was an egg omelet with carrots, all fresh from the farmer’s market. The omelet was made with different bell peppers, spring onion and cheese. My dinner was made with roughly the same things. The pasta is from a recyclable cardboard box, as there are no bulk pasta in my area. The veggie sauce was made with feta, bell peppers, tomato and parsley, all from the farmer’s market.

 Day 2: This was a rather slow day, starting off with homemade naan bread and avocado cream, this is one of my go-to easy meals, as it is super easy to make and tastes delicious! My dinner was a thai curry soup with spring onion, rice, avocado and sweet potato, all left overs from the fridge, awesome. On slow and lazy days I usually use of all my left overs in awesome soup or pasta dishes, it tastes great and nothing goes to waste! On an undocumented note, I went to the store and bought bulk sweets, I brought my own tiny canvas bag and I only bought gelatin free salty liquorice, they are my favourite.


Day 3: My breakfast consisted of freshly squeezed orange juice, perhaps it sounds as a tiny meal to start of the day, but it is my favourite thing in the world. Popping in a couple of ice cubes from my stainless steel ice cube tray and I am good to go. Lunch were leftovers from day 1, so I used the last veggie sauce. As you may can tell most of this day was me working from my bed, lovely indeed! For dinner my boyfriend made me another omelet filled with onion, tomato and peppers, we usually buy our eggs at the farmer’s market, they are free range and organic and they usually come with a double yolk, which is rather fun.

Day 4: I started out with a large breakfast consisting of left overs from last night’s dinner, and a huge pile of yellow pepper snacks as a side dish. As you properly can tell by now, pepper is my golden food. I did not eat lunch that day, sadly, but I was too hooked playing Sims 3 to think about food. Instead, I went for a nice cup of hot chocolate, the chocolate came from bulk, so did the marshmallows. For dinner my boyfriend and I made a delicious chicken soup with fresh homemade ravioli. Unfortunately the picture was deleted so you will have to settle for a picture of last month’s ravioli, they looked rather similar though. Inside the ravioli were chicken and onion, and the soup consisted of chicken broth and veggie broth boiled together, damn I love soups, and pasta.

Hey Chicks! My mum invited me on a tiny business trip today, so we are driving through the country. I tend to pack bags that are way to large compared to the amount of time I will be gone, but who doesn’t right? I’ll try to only bring my daily essentials – that is, my most important zero waste tools. Currently, I am looking for a smaller fork and knife, so they can fit in my jar, but for now I am using silver heirlooms, which ass a classy touch, lovely. I also bring a tissue, which can be handy at many occasions. Of course I’ll also bring my straw, I pretty much take one everywhere I go! What do you bring along as your essentials?

Hey Chicks! Yesterday my boyfriend and I hosted a dinner party with the theme of zero waste! We went to the farmer’s market with our canvas bags and jars and bought everything we needed. We made our own lemonade with lemon lime, orange and raspberry. Appetizers // We bought a baguette from the bakers and asked for package-free, since they are not packaged at the display, we just wrapped it in a canvas bag. We decided on bruschetta with fresh locally grown tomatoes, organic fresh garlic and wild oregano, we found a strange place where we can pick it ourselves. Main course// We went for a pork tenderloin from the local butcher. We brought a 2 liter jar for storage. On the side we had locally grown asparagus, mixed organic baked roots and a salad consisting of fresh local peas, tomatoes,cucumber, cashews and beans. Dessert// We went for a simple and super Danish traditional treat. Strawberries and milk with sugar, that is. We topped it with mint to edge it up a bit though, homegrown of course! The sugar and milk came in recyclable paper packaging, which was nice. Decor // I picked wild flowers in a field, which were so adorable on the table. We also used our new Kilner drink dispenser for the lemonade, which functions as some type for decor as well, it is lovely to look at, so why not!  The last picture shows the amount of non-compostable trash that was produced during the preparation of the three course dinner, not half bad, if I have to say it myself!

Hey Chicks! Just a quick check-in. This is my favourite things to eat right now. We spent the day before yesterday picking elder flower, actually we hiked for 2 hours around the area to find the best flowers. It is the most zero waste it will ever get! We are using the flowers to make soda, makes a really nice Summer drink with some lemon and ice for sure! The strawberries are locally grown and of course, organic. They were picked an hour before we bought them, from a local farmer. I love using the seasonal fruits and veggies in my area – it is more sustainable and the quality is outstanding! What are your favourite seasonal food?

Eco Lunch boxNaturlig Hverdag // Glass StrawNature Baby

Hey Chicks! I thought I would share how I come around everyday aspects, but in a zero waste manner.

Buy yours at Naturlig Hverdag 

Hey Chicks! As I recently received my Eco Lunch Box, I decided to show you how I would arrange my lunch in this box. In the bottom layer I keep carrots, for snacking around the day – A good tip to keep them fresh is to store slices of citrus fruits with them, which can also be used in your water during the day. In the middle layer I keep the actual lunch, which for the most part consists of left overs plus salad. In this case it is herb-y meat balls with mozzarella. In the top layer a bit of fruit for ‘dessert’ and some bell pepper – also used as snacks. How do you arrange your lunch and could you consider an Eco Lunch Box?

If you prepare your lunch at home: Forget paper wrapping, plastic bags or aluminum foil, it has never done anyone any good – ever. Instead acquire a lunch box – mine is from Naturlig Hverdag and their boxes come in different sizes and price ranges. If you are only bringing a little snack – use a mason jar. Personally, I bring fruit in mine and when it is empty I use it for water. If you prefer to buy food: They have salad buffets and what not in a lot of places, my university cafeteria included. I started to bring my banana leaf bow in stead of using their disposable plastic boxes. The leaf bowls weighs close to nothing and will not affect the prize of your food, if your cafeteria uses a weight to determine the prize. Overall tips: I always bring a fork and a glass straw with me in my school bag. It takes very little preparation but it makes a great difference. Stay tuned on the blog as I am soon to post some zero waste lunch box friendly recipes.

Shampoo // Mascara // Deodorant

Hey Chicks! Last week I finally got my LUSH products in the mail, lovely. What I really like about the products is, among others, the fact that they arrive in ‘naked packaging’ – none that is. The solid shampoo bars I’ve been using for a long time, but this one with honey, is divine. The deodorant bar has this really natural forest-y scent and it neutralizes fantastically. What I was most excited to try out was their mascara -eyes right, it comes in a glass flask, and the ingredients can be counted on two hands. Overall, I can recommend all of these products if you’re interested in make up and beauty products that are not only healthier for you but healthy for the environment as well. Peace out!

Hey Chicks! I bring you a few small tips for no plastic shopping. Zero waste starts outside the home! As often as we can we shop at farmers markets, it is not only plastic free but also eco friendly. The simplicity of zero waste life also keeps you from buying unhealthy snacks, but instead sticking with nuts and fruit. Really there are no downsides to shopping like this.

Hey Chicks! I promised I am starting the Zero-Waste experiment, if you want you can do this with me or draw inspiration from this experience! Not only is a home without plastic and other toxic materials more healthy but also far more beautiful!

1//I’ve replaced my plastic dish brush with a wooden one, those can be bought in Søstrene Grene or at the eco market here.  Generally go for marterials such as, metal, glass, wood, clay or pewter.  2//Store your dry foods in glass containers, avoid plastic by buying products in cardboard or paper packaging. I bought my glass containers either in Ikea or in second hand stores, just remember to give them a good boil before using them!

Hey Chicks! I collected a few tips that my boyfriend and I use in our daily lives. 1// Get a Lush solid shampoo bar! They work just as fine as a ordinary shampoo, though there is no bottle, no plastic, no waste. If you buy it in the store they’ll package the bar in either paper or a little tin container, just as mine. 2// Get a reusable shaver, mine is from Third Field, the quality is amazing and it is a lot cheaper in the long run. 3// You can use baking soda for anything, including toothpaste, you can add a bit of flavour, but the result is the same as toothpaste. 4// Reuse emptied perfume bottles as small vases, it is super decorative and of course: no waste!

3// When it comes to food in general I prefer to go to specialized shops, and I do so whenever I can can, but I always buy fruit and vegetables that are unpackaged, preferably from a green grocer. 4// For oils and such alike, glass flasks with tin caps are easy to find and everything can easily be recycled! 5// Quit aluminium foil completely is one to the best tips, really, there are a thousand other options. //Make tea out of raw ingredients, star anise, lemon, black current leaves and raw liquorice are some of my favourites.

Hey Chicks! I took a small holiday break from everything pretty much, I haven’t uploaded a single ting since the 23rd for which I am sorry but I really needed some time out. Well, now I am up and running and kicking of 2015 with an exciting project. My boyfriend and I are starting a zero-waste experiment, which means that we will for a given period of time produce no plastic waste or any other toxic waste products, during the beginning of 201 I will give tips and inspiration on how to limit one’s amount of waste. I hope you will follow the process.

Follow my Pinterest where I constantly update with great inspiration and alternatives to plastic products.

Hey Chicks! In addition to our zero waste project, my boyfriend and I are shopping the farmers’ markets around town. As we live in Aalborg there are few, but still some, places to go to, see them all here. Here we found time, rosemary, tomatoes, fresh garlic and carrots. Not only are these greens zero waste friendly, they are much higher quality as well! Also we’re either baking our own bread or buying it at a baker’s, but we simply tell them to leave out the bag. Always bring a canvas bag, everywhere you go!


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