A Plant-Based Brunch For Champions

Hello everybody! Last night I had some old friends over and we ended up drinking a lot of wine. The evening was amazing, but I woke up craving all sorts of junk (little hungover lol). I knew I had some Like Meat vegan sausages in the freezer and some berries I need to use before they went bad. So here it is. Brunch with black currant pancakes and bratwurst. I have no words let, except daaaaaym she thicc.

If you’re interested in my recipe for vegan pancakes, you can watch a video about them right here: Pink Pancakes Recipe.

I also made a vegan and zero waste brunch last year for my birthday, click here to so how that went.


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  1. I was wondering where you buy vegan sausages with no packaging. In the countries I’ve lived I’ve never found them. Everything looks so delicious 😀

    1. These are from LikeMeat and they are not package free, however they do come plastic free which I can also appreciate! 🙂

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