ANNOUNCEMENT // i wrote a recipe ebook

Hello everybody! Do you know the feeling where you take a day off to fight a cold and get well and you accidentally end up setting up the eBook you have been wanting to finish for 2 years? That happened two weeks ago and honestly, I am not even sure how, but here it is! It is a collection of my favorite recipes, some of which I have shared on this blog, some of which I have kept to myself until now. For now, it is available for download through my Patreon account. You can sign up with any donation amount you want and download the book through the first post on my profile. This way, you actually get to decide how much you want to (or are able to) pay for the book. That’s pretty cool I think.


Eventually, I’ll make more recipe books to make it even easier for you to choose low-impact and vegan recipes. I chose the eBook format in order to save paper, shipping and all the impactful practices that come with making a physical book. However, whenever I have enough small eBook it could be fun to collect them into an actual book, but for now, that is not happening. I hope you can appreciate the eBook format as it is.


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