Zero Waste // How To Use Overripe Fruit

Hello Everybody! I am checking in with a quick overview of what I like to do with overripe fruit in order to avoid food waste! The first one, and properly the easiest one as well, is smoothies! Soft bananas and a overripe berries are perfect, because they blend so well, delicious. No more information needed. Second thing, which is pretty much in extension of smoothies, are smoothie ice cream! I have an ice cream tray from Stille-Ro, no plastic just perfect for the job. Just throw your remaining smoothie in the tray and put in the freezer over night, bam! Ice cream for breakfast!  Jam, or marmalade  is also on the list, naturally! I usually have a lot of fruit stored from the Summer and when I lack room in the freezer I ultimately turn it into jam! Lastly, banana bread! At some point I will put up my recipe as well, but damn that is good! You know that one banana you forgot in the back of your fridge? That is perfect for this purpose! I would love to know what you guys do with overripe fruit, tell me in a comment!



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  1. I just made some frozen pops with the overripe pears that were sitting in my fruit basket.

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