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How to make the whipped body butter

Hello everybody! Just after Christmas, I teased about a homemade lip scrub that I use, and gave away as gifts. I love it, it smells amazing, is super effective and looks yummy! If you want to learn how to make it, then keep reading! Btw, it can also be used as a body scrub, if you have enough of it.

You will need: Sugar, beet root, vanilla and shea butter (I have no actual measurements, but as you may can tell sugar is the primary part. Use a wee bit of shea butter, vanilla and beet root)

How to: Melt the shea butter (you can also use coconut oil or whatever), and mix it with the sugar. The consistency is supposed to be like crumbly dough (bad explanation, I know). Then mix in the vanilla, I like it, it serves no important purpose other than smelling super delicious. Lastly, add some colour. For this pink colour I recommend beet root. Juice a beet root and mix it in with the sugar-mixture. Add just a few drops to desired result.

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