Georganics Review // Plastic Free Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Hello everyone! I got the great opportunity to try out some of the mouthwash/pastes from Georganics. Both of these will soon be sold from Bleschu’s webshop. I got both varieties with activated charcoal, as it whitens the teeth, but it has a ton of other benefits.  Oil Pulling was definitely a first for me, but I have grown to really love it. It has not yet become an integrated part of my routine, but the times I have the time to do it, it really helps me. The toothpaste has quickly become one of my favourites, it has a coconut oil base, but reacts quite differently from other coconut oil toothpastes, because tt has a taste of mint, which I love. Furthermore, the minty taste stays in your mouth for quite a while.  Overall, the Georganics toothpaste and mouthwash are both alternative options to conventional products that I both strongly recommend. The only downside, and I have been alerted that this is being changed, is a little plastic spoon that comes with the paste.


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