Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Second Hand Home

Hello everyone! I promised in my recent room tour video that I would post some more detailed picture here on blog – that is what I am doing now. I’ve loved turning this little room into my safe space – finding small bits and funny decor items in thrift shops – as well as looking for my bigger items on online second hand sites. As I mentioned in the video, the only thing I would not find within my budget (and time limit) was my bed, but other than that my room is completely second hand, which is the best and most sustainable way to shop.


2 thoughts on “My Second Hand Home

  1. I like your room. Some of my favorite pieces of furniture I found that someone was gonna throw away or yard sales. I take them and make them into my own. You inspire me. Your room makes me want to create to reuse. Thanks

  2. my goodness I am so happy I found your channel/blog! I had one of my first conversations today about conscious consumerism… I didn’t realize that there are many people on this incredible bandwagon. you are helping me and SO many humans learn the delicious simple ways of lovely living. I love your room! I relate to your unique/quirky organization tricks… thank you so so much for your work your putting into the internet… I am so happy I have found you!

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