CONTENT CREATION 101 // how I edit my images and videos

Hello everybody! I have recently had to answer some questions about editing, and I love them you ask, but answering the same questions because boring quite fast haha. I do, however, want to share what I do, and possibly give you some tips on how to take your images to the next level. I don’t do anything major complicated, but when I began making content I found lots of inspo in these types of posts, so here I am fulfilling the circle I guess. First of all, the gear. My camera and laptop are both second-hand. I really recommend Blue City (danish and german) and Green Mind (DK) for second-hand electronics. And my phone is second-hand from Swappie. My camera is a Sony Alpha A5100, my laptop is an HP Pavillion, and my phone is an iPhone XS. I also have a ring light (brand unknown) which I got second hand and I use during the darker months in autumn and winter.


For my stories and posts, I commonly edit my content in VSCO, the app is on my phone and makes it really easy to create posts while I am on the go. The app does cost money, but it has been such a good investment that I 10/10 recommend if you don’t use it already. I have my own filters pre-set in the app which makes editing fast and convenient. I primarily use the F1 filter, with my own settings for fade, grain, and color balance (as seen in the picture). Depending on the picture, and the content I’ll also run my photos taken with my camera through this filter before posting.


For images on the blog (although I sometimes run them through VSCO as well) I use Photoshop for editing, a classic investment that I do not regret for a second. I use it to make my thumbnails, I make small aesthetics corrections, but nothing major, and I obvi don’t alter my body lol. Mainly I use a little extra light, a little extra contrast, some warm light I use it to balance the colours.


I edit my YouTube videos in Wondershare’s Filmora program, it is an annual subscription but I am really happy with how the software is set up, it has everything I need, and getting to know the program is easy and intuitive (ya gurl do not have time to get familiar with complicated software, I am on a schedule haha lol). If I need b-roll for my videos (videos clips on top of the primary video of me talking) I will either make it myself, or I will use Pexels if I do not have the option of filming something for myself. It is a free image and video bank, it is super inclusive and for sustainability content, it is absolutely perfect.


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