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07.05.2014 by The Picture of Mary

Hello everyone! My name is Gittemary and I am 22 years old. Two years ago I switched out impulse buys, fashion week and must-haves for a zero waste and plastic-free lifestyle! Now, I create inspiration, recipes and guides on how to get started reducing trash and finding non-materialistic values. I give lectures, classes and interviews about my zero waste lifestyle. If you are interested in featuring or booking this zero waster, send me an email.

For business email me at: Gittemariejohansen@hotmail.com

16 thoughts on “How to Get In Touch

  1. Hi Mary! omg I discovered your blog today and I have to say its gorgeus! Congratulations. I like everything! I started mine a few weeks ago with the same topic.

    I included the interview tab “eco chats” and I would love to interview you if that’s alright.
    I can send u between 5 and 10 questions and you reply them.

    Let me know

    ZEROWASTE kisses!

  2. Hi Mary just stumbled across your site, thanks for the great ideas. I was wanting to make the concealer recipe, but when I tired to access your foundation recipe the page was blank. Can you help?

    Many thanks for your ideas :)

  3. I’m having a hard time finding zero waste floss that is available in stores or any DIY alternatives. And it is hard to find zero waste sunscreen for sensitive skin. I’ve seen DIY sunscreen that is heavily oil based or lotion based but sadly this is not a good replacement to my current sunscreen by Shiseido. Can you make a video on what you do for floss and sunscreen?

  4. Hi Gittemarie,

    Thank you for your inspiring blog.

    I recently moved to a small town near Aalborg (from Aarhus) – do you already have a guide to buying zero waste in Aalborg, or would you consider making one? I understand that you buy most of your groceries from the farmers markets, but how about nuts and seeds? Any good butchers who are in for the “can I have it in this jar?” Cheese? Milk? Which coffee/tea store do you use? Other interesting site-specific recommendations?

    Thanks for considering,

  5. Hi was wondering if yoy made your own ketchup. Having a problem finding condiments that are not in plastic containers

  6. Hello
    My name is Katja 31, I am feom Luxembourg
    I wanted to write you a message but i dont know where to write..
    Sorry my english isnt so good

    I have found you in youtube and you are so great and inspirti g..

    I have a hard time the last 7 years bc of chronic illnesses and

    I couldnt no lore work…bc of many dead of my lo ed ones (mum, Dad and more…)
    Falling into a severe psychotic depression and anxiety disorder…

    I have a little son… i live him from all my heart…

    I want to change live with getting more conscious mind… minimalism and zero waste

    Hugs and live from Luxembourg

  7. Hi :) I was looking into safety razors lately and saw that they last much longer/stay sharper longer if they are stored in oil. How do u store your razor??

  8. Hello,

    I’m Anna, 18 years old, from Germany

    I watched your video about your zero waste beginner’s tips four months ago and was so amazed how easy it seems to you to live a zero waste lifestyle, which brought me the idea to try it myself.

    Since I moved out of my hometown to study in a different, also four months ago, I now watch your videos and read your blog post regularly. You really inspire me to think more about my enviroment not only in the matter of cars or animal products.

    Now I enjoy it a lot to make my own body care product, going shopping to our weekly farmer’s market with my beautifull canvas bags and little containers or researching about zero waste and vegan lifestyle in my neighbourhood.

    Thanks alot for all your great, informative and usefull videos and blog posts.


  9. I recently discovered your YouTube channel and I must say I am blown away. I am 46 and live in California and still trying to figure life out. It seems that you have figured out your passion, which does very little damage to the environment, and brings joy to viewers. If I were your mother, I would be SO proud. You are a beautiful, caring soul; you are sharing your knowledge in a respectful, loving and enthusiastic way; you are improving your local environment and getting other people to work on theirs – there really doesn’t seem to me to be anything more any parent could want than a child that is such a positive influence. Also, you have a beautiful face and smile. Thank you for contributing such healthy and hopeful ideas and energy to the YouTube world. By the way, thought you should know, avocado is actually a fruit, not a vegetable. Cheers!!

  10. Just a short one to say you have seriously inspired me to join the zero waste movement.

    You are amazing and incredibly courageous to change your lifestyle for something you believe in.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Hello Gittemary,
    I am so impressed about your zero waste lifestyle. I’m trying very hard to do so as well. Very often I am limited by my own family… Kids simply love this lego-stuff. It’s frustrating…

    Have you ever tried to do you own eyeliner? I’m looking out for a good recipe with little success. Okay…and I want to know how YOU would do it :-)

    Great job. Keep it up!
    Best wishes for you and your fiancé


  12. Hello gittemary,

    My name is Britt and i am from the netherlands. Since a while i am following your blog and your youtube channel and im verry inspired and want to change some things in my way of living with my family.i started verry confinced and full of currage but fast i was quite sad about the fact that here in the area im living its almost impossible to life like that. I already make quite a lot things my self but the nearest zero waste store is 2ours away from here and the stores that are near everything and i mean everything is packaged in plastic so im quite discouraged now and wanted to ask if you maybe have some tips for that !or maybe a youtube video for things like that . Because the only thing we get onpackeged is fruits and veggies on the farmersmarket. I would be verry happy with any advice! Have a verry nice day and youre so inspiring!

    Ps: sorry for the language im verry bad at english

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