How To Zero Waste On The Road

Hello everyone! Today I am going on a trip, so I will be gone until Sunday. For this occasion I thought I would show you what I choose to bring along. It is not very much, as I hate to carry a lot of luggage. Firstly, I like to bring a few items in case I run into a not-zero-waste-friendly-situation, in that case I can just whip out my jar, or my straw or a fork or a napkin, score!  I like to carry a small amount of beauty products, which include a deodorant, my eyebrow shadow and my homemade concealer. In context of tools I will be bringing my toothbrush, of course, along with my stainless steel razor, and an unwrapped bar of soap, a crochet needle, for the dreads, you know, and a nail clipper. All of this can fit in my hand bag, which is awesome!

I will be updating my Instagram while I am away, so be sure to follow me on @Gittemary. All the best of vibes to you!


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  1. Hej Gitte, jeg har fulgt din blog igennem længere tid og er en stor fan! Nu har jeg så selv købt en safety razor, men hvordan bruger man den?? Du skriver om et styk sæbe – hvilken slags er det og hvordan så? Hilsen den uvidende 😊

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