Plastic Free // Stainless Steel Picnic Trays

Stainless steel tray at Stille-Ro

Hello everybody! During Summer,  I like to go on trips and picnics in my area, and I have been dragging all my stuff from home with me in order to avoid plastic. It can be nerve wrecking, as I have experienced going home with a broken plate, or glass. Therefore, I like to spice things up with specific out-door zero waste equipment. It can be an old plate from the thrift store, it can be a napkin, the eco lunch box works great as a plate as well, or it can be a stainless steel tray, which also functions as a multi-purpose device! I also use it for snacks when I have guests, or when I am staying in bed eating breakfast, it is quite handy in fact. What would you use it for?


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  1. Definitely camping and road trips! What a great non-plastic alternative.

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