4 Stupid Zero Waste Questions

Hello everybody! A bit of a fun post today, but in all fairness still something to consider. During my time as a zero waster, I have met a lot people with different ideas of what Zero Waste actually is and here are some of them.

“So you just leave the packaging in the store?” No I simply don’t buy these products.  The idea that food and groceries only can come from a supermarket is something that goes so deep in most of us, and is a big part of the most basic habits. Therefore, when saying I buy plastic free tomatoes, some people assume that I take the packaging of veggies and all of a sudden they are plastic free. Luckily, my motive goes a bit deeper than aesthetics, but I have managed to get a good laugh, and frustration, over this now and then.

“Aren’t you afraid of looking stupid?” Darling, This is usually in connection to bringing my own container and generally standing out. And no, I don’t give a rat’s ass what other people think and I always end up looking stupid, no matter what I do.  I’ve gotten questions from curious bystanders, but never anything that bothered me on a serious level, and seriously, no one should feel embarrassed to take a stand and deny plastic products, what you are during is awesome!

“But.. Do you throw out the glass container when you’re done using it?” Yes, exactly. I have actual living people thinking I use my glass containers as one would use disposable ones. At this point, my head is about to burst, but it is rather alarming that single use disposable products have worked it’s way in like this. Curse it.

“Why don’t you like plastic when it is convenient?” I presume people that ask this question have a serious desire for listening to my 15 minute lecture on plastic pollution. Jokes aside, a statement like this can really trigger me hard. However, it also reminds me why I started working with Zero Waste and spreading the message and sharing knowledge about plastic and alternatives to plastic. But still, 15 minute lecture, and that is the brief one, you want it? You got it.





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  1. Exactly, as Lauren Singer says – you shouldn’t be ashamed to give a shit about something.

  2. Oh my word, do people actually say that to you? I’ve had a few ignorant comments asking why I carry around reusable bags, coffee cups, straws etc. But for the most people listen and take in what I tell them. For some people they think that there’s no point and small changes don’t help. I just keep on doing me and hopefully converting some people along the way 🙂

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