Reuse // Two New Zero Waste Items

All from Zero Waste Shop

Hello everybody! During this month I have received a few new plastic free items.  The first one is a new toothbrush (finally, really needed it)- I have really been loving the one I had before, but I have been wanting to try out other brands as well. So far I really like this one from Zero Waste shop. It is made from bamboo and the bristles are biodegradable Nylon4, which is also BPA free. Also from Zero Waste shop I found stainless steel chop sticks and boy have I been looking for those. I always feel that bamboo or wooden chopsticks are damaged from multiple uses, so for me the solution is definitely stainless steel. The chop sticks fit perfectly in my purse, so whenever I am out to eat I can bring my own. Before these, I took the “single use” ones with me home and repurposed them or washed them. Now, I have my very own reuseable pair! Thank you, Zero Waste shop, for giving me a chance to try out your items. Although the products are sponsored, the views and ideas in this post are entirely my own, obviously. All good vibes!


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  1. I didn’t even know that chopsticks in stainless steel existed! Nice!

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