Vegan ‘Cheesy’ Pasta Recipes

Hello everybody! Prior to going vegan, I never liked mac ‘n’ cheese. Actually, I thought it was kind of inspired and honestly, a little gross. However, vegan mac ‘n’ cheese is a completely other deal. Gosh the pasta appreciation is real. I’ve made so many kinds of vegan ‘cheesy’ pasta dishes at this point that I would share some tips on how to make the perfect vegan cheesy pasta dish.

The Sauces So I have two sauces that I prefer making, the first one is very much a traditional mac ‘n’ cheese sauce, very thick yellow sauce. The second one is more like a carbonara sauce, which is less thick, but also really really delicious, and actually my favourite at the moment.


Essentials for making cheesy vegan recipes: nutritional yeast aka crack. Nutmeg, which give a lot of the flavour we usually associate with cheese, turmeric and vegan cream

Carbonara sauce: (Picture above) Fry a chopped half onion in olive oil in a stainless steel skillet. Add 2 cloves of chopped garlic and fry it for a few minutes. Add two deciliters of vegan cream (like the one from cremefine, Naturli or Schlagfix) along with 2 tbsps of nutritional yeast, and 1 tsp of nutmeg. Add boiled pasta and salt and pepper to taste. I prefer adding chopped parsley, and a bit of lemon zest as well. The sauce will reduce a lot, so work it in the pan for a while until it becomes less liquid.

Mac’n’Cheese sauce: (Picture below) Boil a medium sized potato. Chop it and add it to a blender, slightly cooled, with 1 cup of plant milk, a bit of starch and some bouillon. Blend until smooth. Then add about ½ a cup of nutritional yeast, 1 tsp of onion powder, 1 tsp of garlic powder, ½ a tsp of nutmeg and lastly ½ a tsp of tumeric. Blend again and add salt and pepper to taste. Pour over cooked pasta and eat it right away – or let it roast in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 C for a nice cooked surface.


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  1. I’ll make this next week, I’m currently hotel living while I’m moving but want to have a fresh start at my new home. Maybe I will like vegan? I really love normal mac and cheese though… a lot of my european friends think it’s very gross though especially the concept of a pile of cheese…

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