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Hello everybody! I’ve gotten a lot of requests to talk about workout routines and workout gear, and as I recently partnered up with Organic Basics, who makes sustainable underwear and workout gear, I couldn’t think of a better time for this post.

Organic Basics are one of my favourite sustainable fashion brands, and they were even before we partnered up. I’ve used their underwear for years and I recently started using their workout gear, which I got to say, has been a real game changer. Underwear is one of the things that I do not necessarily feel comfortable buying second hand, so I often look for sustainable and ethical underwear. Organic Basics is a brand that is completely transparent about their production because they value and prioritise their workers. Furthermore, they use recycled materials which I also really appreciate. As the materials which are used in these clothes are recycled synthetics, I have just invested in a washing bag which is used to catch any microplastic retained during the wash.

During the last year and a half I’ve become much more motivated to workout and take better care of myself. Becoming vegan was the first step, and it has done wonders for me and my body. Moreover, I have also been dedicated to an exercise routine that I actually enjoy.

I have small goals for myself, this year it is the ability to perform a handstand. Having smaller goals will motivate you to work a bit harder to complete them. RUNNING: I run 3-5 times a week, but I try not to stress too much about if I only get to do it 2 times, as long as I get to do it. WEIGHTS: I have a 3kg hand weight that I found in a thrift store and I use it almost every day – a vary between 3-5 different variations with 10 repetitions for each. YOGA: I used to be super flexible but I realised that I lost it during the years, so now I am trying to get it back. I follow YouTube videos for inspiration, but generally, I try to do what feels good.

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  1. Hi Gitte!!
    Thank you for sharing so many inspirational thoughts, I admire you all along! Just a quick question about Yoga, because you say you use youtube videos for inspiration. Is there any youtube channels you would recommend? I am pretty new to yoga and in the long run, I hope to make it a common part of my routine.

    And I definitely want to try Organic Basics for my active wear, when I need to buy anything new!


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