SATURDAY OBSESSION // steamed dumplings

Hello everybody! I am having dinner guests over tonight and I always want to serve the best possible vegan food that I can think of. My current absolute obsession is steam dumplings. I’ve been frying my dumplings for a long time, but since I found an actual bamboo steamer in the thrift store I’ve been steaming them instead. It is much healthier without all the oil, and honestly, I feel better and less heavy after having, what some would call, a significant amount of dumplings.

These dumplings have a soft and light filling of tofu and vegetables and they taste absolutely divine. The obsession officially started the first time I went to Mildred’s in London and had their fried dumpling appetizer. There is no shame here, but I can literary eat twice as many as my boyfriend. Foodie for life yo.


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