Eco Brands I Stand By // a list of sustainable fashion companies

Hello everybody! It can be difficult to navigate all the info about clothing, and fashion brands, especially when trying to support a brand that reflects your values. So now I am trying to make a list that I can update every now and then. Whenever I stumble upon a brand that I personally like (primarily due to their ethics and supply chain, values, or transparency, I’ll add them to this list, so you can be updated to date on which brands I recommend. There are products or elements that I love on each of these sites, but not everything is vegan, just have that in mind.


  • Mahla Clothing: a brand that strives towards zero waste production, has cool and edgy designs, and uses both deadstock, waste fabrics, and recycled materials.
  • Oh Seven Days: makes limited editions collections to avoid overproduction, and surplus fabrics and makes fashionable and stylish pieces
  • Aniela Parys: makes both clothes, underwear, and swimwear, handmade pieces from Barcelona
  • Noo Boo: t-shirts made ethically in bamboo fiber
  • Wituka: organic non-basic t-shirts with cool and nerdy prints, made ethically in their workshop in Spain.
  • Lucy & Yak: UK-based clothing brands that do everything for transparent and ethical fashion, makes a variety of clothes, including cool overalls and dresses.
  • People Tree: UK-based clothing brand that makes organic and ethical fashion pieces
  • Maium: makes raincoats from recycled plastic bottles from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
  • ArmedAngels: a Germany-based fashion brand that makes conscious clothing for both men and women.
  • The Finiti: A small business that makes women’s clothing in the US. Everything is handmade in Tencel by the owner and no mass production insight
  • Aluka: A brand based in Denmark that delivers made-to-order basics in GOTS certified cotton. 
  • Tamga Designs: a women’s fashion store with colour designs that are designed, dyed, and produced consciously.
  • Girlfriend: an activewear brand that is also really size-inclusive
  • Pure Waste: a s brand based in Helsinki that uses 100% recycled textiles
  • Brothers we stand: a UK-based men’s wear brand that focuses on reusability
  • Bastet Noir: A brand that employs and supports single mothers in Macedonia, their clothes are made to order – they have a wide selection of gowns, dresses and suits for more formal occasions as well


  • Allbirds: a San Fransisco-based brand that uses Tencel and has implemented several green practices in its production
  • Bhava Studio: a US brand vegan shoe brand that also carried formal shoes and heels
  • Christy Brown: shoes handmade in LA with vintage second-hand leather
  • Cariuma: a Brazilian vegan sneakers brand that makes shoes produced with bamboo, sugar cane, and recycled plastic
  • Etiko: natural Fair Trade rubber flip-flops and sneakers made in Australia
  • Ethletic: an ethical and vegan sneakers company that uses Fair Trade cotton and natural rubber
  • Flamingo Life Shoes: a Spanish sneakers brand that uses corn, bamboo, natural rubber, and organic cotton
  • Humans Are Vain: a vegan sneakers brand, with a return program
  • Insecta: A transparent and sustainable shoe brand from Brazil, their shoes are all vegan and waste materials are reintegrated into the shoes’ insoles
  • Kira: an Estonian shoe brand that accepts old shoes back once they are worn out, the shoes are vegan, and made from recycled materials like car tires and post-consumer waste
  • Maison de Mode: a US ethical luxury platform with several brands available
  • Mireia Playa: a Spanish vegan shoe brand with great all-around sustainability initiatives, like renewable energy, material recycling, and textile innovation
  • Miret Shoes: a 97% natural shoe brand from Croatia
  • Nae Vegan: shoe selection for all genders made from cork, pinatex, recycled PET, and organic cotton
  • Po-Zu: a British brand that uses GOTS cotton, non-toxic dyes, and hand-makes the shoes locally
  • Rothys: a US brand that makes flats made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Veja: a French sneakers brand that has great supply chain transparency, they do use leather though
  • Solerebels: Ethiopian shoes made with recycled materials
  • VAER: Danish sneakers made with upcycled fabrics and deadstock 
  • Wildling: US-based barefoot shoes made with organic cotton, hemp, and flax (for adults and children)
  • Wills Vegan Shoes: shoes made with plant-based leather made from organic cereal crops and manufactured within the EU

Underwear & Swimwear:

  • Troo: reuses recycled lace to make beautiful handmade lingerie
  • Under Protection: underwear brand that uses organic and recycled material
  • Dilling: uses organic cotton and dies their fabrics pollution-free
  • Organic Basics: makes underwear for all in organic cotton and recycled materials
  • Swedish Stockings: a zero-waste company that recycles nylon stockings, you can also send any brand of nylon stockings to them and they will recycle them
  • Vitamin A: a brand based in California which makes its swimwear with 95% locally sourced materials.
  • Bikini Empire: donates percentages of their profits to several charities, their workers do not work overtime and are paid 3 times as much as average making way for an ethical supply chain.
  • Galamaar: this brand makes its swimwear from discarded ocean waste and is completely sweat-shop free
  • Alyend Together: a brand that makes swimwear for both men and women, they use recycled materials and are transparent about their supply chain
  • Jonesy: a US-based underwear brand with a transparent supply chain, they produce their garments in New York and use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.
  • Knickey: a US-based underwear brand that carries sizes xxs til xxxl, uses certified organic cotton, and has an accessible impact report for their supply chain


  • Bagabù: a bag company located in Copenhagen, also uses deadstock fabric
  • Grün: reused recycled materials and waste fabrics to make bags, laptops sleeves, and bag packs
  • Pakt: sustainable travel bag packs made from recycled single-use plastic (affiliate)
  • Charlie Feist: uses recycled materials and makes ethical and vegan bags in England
  • Kantala: makes authentic and luxurious vegan handbags, and pays their workers fair wages
  • Kintobe: a bag brand that prioritize recycled materials, they are very transparent and publishes an annual sustainability report to show their progress
  • Lovia: A Finnish brand that uses reclaimed and deadstock leather and publishes impact reports on all its products

Jewelry & glasses:

  • Ola ’Elua: a jewelry brand that makes handcrafted pieces from recycled materials.
  • Ana Luisa: luxury style jewelry made with recycled silver and gold, they also have lab-grown diamonds.
  • Honu: a company that makes beautiful jewelry and donates 10% of its profit to save the turtles
  • Votch: makes vegan watches and has a wide selection and plant-based leathers
  • Nordgreen: a watch brand with a large charity program, also has vegan watches, although they also carry leather items.
  • Lunel Vintage: a small business that restores vintage sunglass frames. The business is zero waste because old and unrecyclable lenses are reused in jewelry production. The restoration is sweatshop-free and the store offers worldwide shipping and returns.
  • Stilnest: A German jewelry brand that uses recycled and responsibly sourced materials, and makes to order to avoid overproduction and waste
  • Recree: A Danish company that makes glasses and sunglasses in recycled materials, and they have some pretty non-basic experimenting styles as well which is great to see from an eco brand
  • ByBiel: A Danish jewelry company that only uses recycled gold and silver in their designs.
  • Opals Treasures: a small business from the UK that turns plastic waste into beautiful keychains
  • Bruna: makes fine jewelry in recycled silver and gold

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  1. Loved this post! I always like to find new sustainable brands to investigate for gems!

    1. Any kid apparel?

  2. A primarily underwear brand I love in the USA is TomboyX they are amazing. Eco-friendly material and not made im sweatshops. Plus they have gender neutral underwear and they are incredibly comfortable. 💜

  3. Grønne tilnærmelser

    Love this list 🙂 I would like to recommend Woron (underwear, hosiery and socks, organic/recycled fiberd and produced in Europe under conditiones I wouldn’t mind working under myself) and Sissel Edelbo (old, worn out vintage saris made in to dresses, shirts, bags etc under fair and ethical conditions in India).

  4. What about SISSEL EDELBO? Sustainable and founded in Aalborg 😀 would be cool to see it on your list 🙂

  5. Miomojo is an Italian based company that makes beautiful vegan and sustainable bags. They donate 10% of what you buy to charity, like animal sanctuaries. You get to choose which charity to support.

  6. Oh none from Canada? How sad…

    1. Do you know any good ones from Canada? The list based on the brands I know myself, and subscriber recommendations

  7. Love this post, since I’m kinda new to sustainable fashion. I would really like to know what you think about WEEKDAY, since some time ago I bought underwear by them and they claim to be from 95% recycled material. On their website they do say as well that the brand wants to be 100% sustainable by 2021, but I don’t know if they may be greenwashing or not, since they are part of the H&M group.

    1. As they are owned by H&M I would 100% call that greenwashing, sadly. They are not paying their workers fair wages either and H&M generally takes very little real action outside of their “green campaigns”, when they could do better.

      1. Yeah, as I have imagined, sadly, because it would be really amazing underwear otherwise, since they are really comfortable and good quality. 😔
        However, thank you for the fast answer, even though it is not a recent post of you, I do really appreciate! 🥰

  8. I’d love proudly add Patagonia to the list!

  9. I would love to add TIZZ & TONIC to the list, from Germany. 🙂

  10. These brands are doing great in terms of sustainable fashion. I think people can look into them and give them a chance by providing a pause to their regular fashion brands. Can you suggest some sustainable yoga clothing brands?

  11. Thank you for the great list. I also came upon the brand bluebuck for men underwear and swimming suits in Europe. I wonder if you did know about it.

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