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Hello everybody! I’ve talked for a good while about veganism, and I’ve recently posted the entire story of how I went from anti-vegan, a proper “gosh I could never go without bacon” to a fully blossoming (lol) vegan for life. My path to veganism was a bumpy ass ride, but that’s okay too. This post is to serve a spot for good sources on veganism in case you are curious about life, or perhaps you want to share the information with your friends, your parents, or your partner. These are some of the sources I’ve used myself, they are great and informative, and if you are new to this lifestyle this is a good place to start.


30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How to Respond to Them Earthling Ed’s entire website and YouTube channel are all worth a watch, he engages in amazing and kind conversation with non-vegans and he shows to respond to common misconceptions or myths about veganism and animal agriculture. This eBook helped me so much before I gave my first lecture on veganism because I feared the critical questions from the audience, this gave a calm mind and has tons of valuable information.

Documentary: Cowspiracy This was the first documentary I saw that covered the ground of animal agriculture and climate change ever. Although it has later been criticized for some inaccuracies, I still fancy this one of the best documentaries about the subject. The stats and facts presented are valid and proven to be right many times over, so I definitely still recommend this documentary.

Documentary: Game Changers Another doc about plant-based eating, however, this has a rather different perspective than the latter. Game Changers focuses primarily on health and what different effects of meat and plants have on our bodies. The documentary speaks to several athletes who have transitioned to a plant-based diet and although many of the information is very anecdotal it is so worth a watch. My boyfriend really liked this one as well because included a male perspective in a field that is often catering to a female audience.


Inspirational vegan YouTubers to follow right now

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Vegan 2019 – The Film a YouTube video made by Plantbased News takes you through the development in the vegan world of 2019. You can watch this as a highlight wheel of all the major events and news stories that had anything to do with veganism or environmental issues regarding animal agriculture.

Eating Animals, By Jonathan Saffran Foer is one of the books about animal agriculture most praised by activists and critics, it explores both the environmental injustices and the ethical aspects of eating animals. The book has also been made into a documentary that I also highly recommend. Generally, Foer’s books are worth a read, his extremely loud and incredibly close, which is a work of fiction, also explores ethical aspects of the human experience, the main character is the young boy Oscar, who is actually a vegan as well: “I don’t eat anyone with parents” is a line that really stuck with me.

The Vegan Society is an online platform where you can find tons of important information. They can tell you all you need to know about the different certifications, brands, how to get more involved in the movement, nutrition, and much more. It’s a really good website to search through if you are ever wondering about something.

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The China Study is a book by T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas M. Campbell. The book is from 2005 and examines the connection between the consumption of animal products to chronic illness and cancer. The book is praised as one of the most successful and accurate books about nutrition in American history. The book proves how avoiding animal production and following a primarily plant-based diet will cause to avoid or reduce the chance of numerous diseases. It gives you a great overview that prepares to tackle any questions about the dietary side of living vegan.

Documentary: Earthlings I haven’t actually watch this myself, if you came here from my storytime video, you’ll know why. But it does not mean that I am not recommending it to others. Earthlings shows the ethical side of veganism, how animals are sentient beings that are being treated horrifyingly unjustly. This movie is narrated by actor Joaquin Phoenix who is very active as an animal rights activist.

Documentary: Forks Over Knives explores the benefits of a plant-based diet in terms of health and nutrition if you’re not counting on reading your way through The China Story yourself, this documentary includes a lot of the findings from that book.

More than 43 documentaries to choose from go to the blog Live Kindly for the most extensive list of vegan and plant-based films


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  1. Jeg er selv vegetar og spiser 95 % vegansk og er derfor simpelthen så ærgerlig over, at så mange (og især de store, mest kendte) dokumentarer er så usaglige, her taler jeg i høj grad om f.eks. Game Changers, når nu der ér så mange ordentlige videnskabelige årsager til at leve vegansk.

    Til gengæld var det i høj grad Foer – der er´én af mine yndlingsforfattere – der for 10 år siden fik mig til at droppe kødet med Eating Animals.

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